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Syllabus for English speaking students - I

The first semester

1.Terminology, planes and direction of the body. General osteology. Skeleton of the spine and the thorax.Instruction into the study of anatomy. General osteology. Radiological anatomy.
2.Skeleton of the upper and lower extremity.Skeleton of the spine and the thorax.
3.Neurocranium.Skeleton of the upper and lower extremity
5.Cavities of the skull.Splanchnocranium.
6.General arthrology. Joints of the spine, thorax and skull.Cavities of the skull.
7.Joints of the upper extremity.Joints of the spine, thorax and skull.
8.Joints of the lower extremity. Pelvis.Joints of the upper extremity.
9.General myology. Muscles of the head and neck.Joints of the lower extremity.
10.Muscles of the thorax, abdomed and back.Oral examination (theme from 1. – 8. weeks)
11.Muscles of the upper extremity.Muscles of the skull, neck, thorax, abdomen and back.
12.Muscles of the lower extremity.Muscles of the upper and lower extremity. Credits
13.Individual consultations. 
14.Individual consultations. 

Lecturer:MUDr. Peter Augustín


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