No 5-6 (2004)

C o n t e n t s

S P E C I A L   I S S U E

Chronobiology and Physiology

Reform and Remodeling of the University as a Complex Living System

Kenner T.

When Week-long Monitoring is not Enough: Case Reports

Halberg F., Katinas G., Cornelissen G., Schwartzkopff O., Fišer B., Siegelová J.

Rehabilitation in Chronic Congestive Heart Failure: Comparison of Bicycle Training and Muscle Electrical Stimulation
Eicher J.C., Dobšák P., Berteau O., Walker P., Verg`es B., Maillefert F., Casillas J.M., Brunotte F., Louis P., Wolf J.E.

Influence of a 12 hours-fast on Maximal Exercise
Gueye L., Samb A., Seck D., Cisse F., Martineaud J.P.

Baroreflex Sensitivity in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus and Essential Hypertension: Effect of Combined Therapy
Svačinová H., Siegelová J., Fišer B., Dušek J., Jančík J., Svoboda L., Olšovský J., Žáčková V.

Heart Rate Variability in Patients with Heart Failure: Effect of Exercise Training
Jančík J., Siegelová J., Dobšák P., Svačinová H., Placheta Z., Fišer B., Dušek J., Panovský R., Špinarová L., Eicher J.C.

Improvement of Muscular Performance in Patients with Chronic Heart Failure after some weeks of Low-Frequency Electrical Stimulation
Mífková L., Dobšák P., Jančík J., Eicher J.C., Svačinová H., Placheta Z., Kožantová L., Vohlídalová I., Špinarová L., Vítovec J., Wolf J.E., Siegelová J.

Pulse Pressure, Baroreflex Sensitivity and Intima Media Thickness (IMT) in Patients with Essential Hypertension under Therapy
Siegelová J., Hofírek I., Fišer B., Jančík J., Vank P., Svačinová H., Dušek J., Svoboda L., Placheta Z.


In Memory of Professor MUDr. Milan Dokládal, CSc. (1. 9. 1928 – 30. 9. 2004)
Páč L.


XIth Conference of Young Physitians
Litzman J.

Meetings and Abstracts of the Czechoslovak Biological Society 2004
Čech S.