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of Medicine, Masaryk University

(Masaryk University, Medical Faculty, Kamenice 126/3, 625 00 Brno, Czech Republic
in Czech: Centrum pro kvalitu ve zdravotnictví LF MU, (CeKZ)


· Serve the needs of a national and international network of co-workers and affiliated organizations, co-ordinate local activities with activities and organizations abroad

· Collect and process and use data regarding the quality and safety of public health care for use by professionals and all other interested parties

· Assist in creating health care indicators and standards

· Use and expand internationally accepted methods, models and systems serving continuous improvement of quality and safety in health care

· Support all activities of our collaborators and affiliated organizations leading to improved quality and safety in health care

· Provide education and training in the above specified fields

· Examine and evaluate the quality and safety of provided health care

· Support the involvement of health care consumers and their families in activities associated with improving quality and safety in the health care and health related services

· Promote effective financing of the health care system, employ and disseminate use of state-of-the-art information and communication technologies for improving the quality of quality and safety in health services


· International co-operation – European Society for Quality in Health Care – ESQH (for the term 2012-2014 Dr. Bourek is elected President of the ESQH),  International Society for Quality in Healthcare –– ISQua, Central and Eastern European Society for Technology Assessment in Health Care - CEESTAHC, European Foundation for Quality Management – EFQM, World Health Organization – WHO, Directorate-General for Health and Consumers - DG SANCO  and Information Society and Media Directorate General - DG INFSO.

· QMS (Quality Management Server) – work environment: collection and management of documents and data, authorized access for all persons involved with CeKZ using LAN and WAN, collaborative creation of documents, consensual matters, dictionary of health care quality terminology, directory of people and organizations, access to ICT tools.

· Measurement / HTA (health technology assessment) / Standardization – economics, risks, professional criteria, ethics, co-ordination with national registers, co-ordination of aggregate data-sets relating to assessment of health service systems, Standards of Efficient Medical Care (SEMC), standardization of processes in health care facilities based on objective data.

· Healthcare Quality (introduction of the EFQM – balanced scorecard model for quality, management of quality, use of ISO 9004:2000 in the public health system). Patient safety.

· Accreditation and certification in health care - (voluntary model, mutual assistance, use of foreign experience, backed up and recognized by the Ministry of Health, modified model for laboratories working in the health sector) Co-operation (with patients' associations and health related special-interest groups, public relations and media, seminars, training, conferences, education, WWW).

· Strategies and policy / research and development – development and application of new tools, information science, analyses, model design, scenarios.


· CeKZ was founded on September 25, 2001 on the basis of the recommendation of the Committee for Health Service Quality and the decision of the Council of the Ministry of Health and reorganized to become the CeKZ, Center of Masaryk University, Faculty of Medicine, in February 2006

· CeKZ is a methodical coordinating and information base for implementation of monitoring of the quality and effectiveness of health care in the context of service improvement of health care facilities. Quality and effectiveness monitoring programs are implemented using the project management approach to secure their dynamic development

· Financing: budgetary, EU contributions, grants, health insurance, sponsors (multi-source financing)


THE MASARYK UNIVERSITY ( www.muni.cz and Faculty of Medicine www.med.muni.cz ) :

Is the second largest university in the Czech Republic. In the academic year 2016/2017 it served a population of over 45.000 pre- and postgraduate students. Students of the Faculty of Medicine numbered 4500.

The Center for Healthcare Quality is one of the Research Centers of the University. It currently employs 5 full-time employees, three of which hold an academic degree. The method of work predominantly used is project management integrating professionals from the various Faculties and Centers of the University for specific tasks. We are your one-stop shop for healthcare quality people contacts in the Czech Republic and in Europe.

The creation of CeKZ involved the networking of human resources and materials in order to conceive, not a traditional “stone office” institute, but a distributed work-group with:

- The ability to describe the environment and ongoing processes in the public health system
- The ability to define the methodology and tools for implementing change
- The ability to learn and implement project management (operational departments – all departments to employ the same methods and approaches to work)
- A clearly elaborated conceptual and operational dimension (management and work-flow description of institutions)


Useful links in Europe www.ceestahc.org (Central and Eastern European Society of Technology Assessment in Health Care) www.improhealth.org (e-Learning in Health Care Quality Management) CEEQNET (Central and Eastern European Quality Network) www.childhealthresearch.eu (RICHE, A platform and inventory for child health research in Europe) www.esqh.net (ESQH - European Society for Qualty in Healthcare), www.ehff.eu (EHFF - European Health Futures Forum), http://ec.europa.eu/health/expert_panel (DG SANTE Expert Panel on Effective ways of Investing in Health).

Annual report of the Center for Healthcare Quality (in English)

Annual report of the Center for Healthcare Quality (in Czech)


Main finished and ongoing projects managed by CeKZ in years 2001/2017


Modular system of health care quality assurance


Implementation of standardized methods of measuring quality and efficacy of care as part of the process of CQI and accreditation of health care providers


Strategies and opportunities for implementing clinical effectivity and hospital quality management models


Quality health care management at the community level


Elaboration of the standards of therapeutic and diagnostic care


Health technology assessment – the use of data resources for HTA


Quality and efficacy of intensive care


Nosocomial infection monitoring and epidemiological management in hospital settings


Standardization in nursing and midwifery


Quality seen through the eyes of a patient /inpatient services/


Integrated project on radiation safety standards and their assessment


Integrated project on the use of guidelines / standards by GP doctors


Standards for restrictive methods in psychiatric care


IMPROHEALTH – Improvement of the Quality, Effectiveness and Efficiency of Healthcare Services throughout Managerial Vocational Education and Training


ENQual - Exchange of knowledge on Quality Management in health care


CEEQNET - Unified central and eastern European surveillance and monitoring system for health care quality and efficiency indicators


CeKZ co-organized the 11th European Forum on Quality Improvement in Health Care www.quality.bmjpg.com


CeKZ was a partner in ESQH SIMPATIE Project - (DG Sanco project) work package No. 4 – Patient Safety Indicators and Vocabulary


CeKZ was a project partner for the Scientific Assistant Office of the Health Systems Working Party of DG Sanco


CeKZ collaborated in Scientific platform of the working party lifestyle and other health determinants”(Work package No 5), based on the EC grant agreement no 2005111


CeKZ was a project partner of IMPROHEALTH COLLABORATIVE  - Vocational Education and Training for Quality of Life through eHealthCare & Well Being – Collaborative on Quality Function Deployment, Valorization and Dissemination of the results of IMPROHEALTH project


CeKZ was a project partner of RICHE, A platform and inventory for child health research in Europe. Grant agreement no.:   242181 (starting date Feb. 2010), SEVENTH FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME, THEME 1, HEALTH. For basic information please use the following link: www.childhealthresearch.eu For information about the role of U-CEKZ please use the following link: RICHE


CeKZ was project partner of Leonardo daVinci Lifelong Learning Programme Grant Agreement No. CZ/12/LLP/LdV/PS/P/134095. Guiding the patients relatives with the help of illness management handbook including the 50 most common illnesses. For information about the role of U-CEKZ please use the following link: Guiding the patients relatives…


CeKZ was a project partner of EC DG SANCO, tender no. EAHC/2013/Health/04 - Empowering patients in the management of chronic diseases (EMPATHiE). For more information please use the following link EMPATHiE


CeKZ was a project partner of Advanced Training and Life Long Learning Program in Applied Health Sciences – AtHeal  (TEMPUS 01.01.2014 - 30.12.2016)


CeKZ was a project partner of  the Pilot project on the promotion of self-care systems in the European Union. Platform of experts. – PiSCE (DG SANCO tender - 09. 2014 – 06.2017, Tender No. EAHC/2013/D2/027)


CeKZ is represented in the MOCHA project - Primary Care in Child Health Re: Models of Child Health, Project lead is the Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine. Project is funded by a Horizon 2020 grant awarded by the European Commission under grant No. 634201


CeKZ was represented in the PACE-ERN (European Reference Networks) by participating in the Steering Committee for the development of the Assessment Manual & Toolbox (AMT) for the assessment of ERN applications. The project formally closed on the 21 April 2016


CeKZ is represented in the PROSTEP - Pilot project on the promotion of self-care systems in the European Union in the field of chronic diseases (DG SANTE/2015/D2/021, Duration: 24 months (15 January 2016 - 14 January 2018), EPF (European Patients’ Forum - led project


CeKZ is represented on the Expert Panel on Effective Ways of Investing in Health, European Commission Health and Food Safety Directorate-general http://ec.europa.eu/health/expert_panel/experts/members_en A brief description of the functions of the Expert Panel on Health can be found at https://ec.europa.eu/health/node/51403_en



The overall budget of the managed projects in the period of 2001-2017 was over 1.9 million Euro.


© 2017 - Aleš Bourek, MD, PhD – CEO of Center for Healthcare Quality (contact: bourek@med.muni.cz)