Spring semester 2017/2018


Monday                     13:35 – 15:25                                    Campus, A11/334


Date                           Topic                                                             Lecturer


19.2. Anatomy of Pathways - visual pathways and pupillary reflexes, vestibular and auditory pathways, somato- and viscerosenzory pathways, motor pathways and basal ganglia  ANAT


26.2. Clinical topographic anatomy - Head and neck  ANAT


5.3. Neurology: medical history, principles of neurological examination, examination of cranial nerves, reflexes, different types of paresis, muscle tone  NEU


12.3. Neurology:  Motor control, language, and memory impairment  NEU


19.3. Surgery – history of surgery, surgical department, operating rooms, types of operations, postoperative care  SURG - FNB


26.3. Asepsis, antisepsis, desinfection, atb prophylaxis, preoperative preparation – SURG – I.CHK




9.4. Clinical topographic anatomy – Chest  ANAT


16.4. Clinical topographic anatomy - Abdomen and pelvis  ANAT


23.4. Clinical topographic anatomy of procedures - ANAT


30.4. Medical history, subjective and objective symptoms, examination  INT


7.5.  Int. Examination of head, neck and lungs  INT


14.5. Int. Examination of heart  INT


21.5. Int. Examination of abdomen  INT


28.5. Int. Examination of locomotive system, kidneys  INT