A student’s Individual project (Samostatná práce)


An obligatory part of the curriculum of students enrolled on the study of General Medicine is the elaboration of an Individual Project.


An individual project involves:

(a)    Gathering of literature on the topic assigned and processing of the data in the form of a review work;


(b)   Processing of the data assigned by statistical methods, evaluation of results, formulation of conclusions, and presentation in the form of a publication or a PowerPoint presentation;


(c)    An own experimental work on the topic assigned. Evaluation of the experiments, elaboration of the conclusions, and presentation in the form of a publication or a PowerPoint presentation.


The course is considered as completed by handing in the assignment to the leader and by a defence in the course of presentation at the respective institution.


The student enrols on the Individual Project once in the course of his or her studies, in the fifth semester of the study at the earliest. The project is evaluated with 5 credits.

Every year, the individual institutes and departments of the MU Faculty of Medicine announce through the MU Information System lists of topics for whose solution the students may register. The topics are announced in the Individual Project (Samostatná práce) packet in the IS MUNI information system, the link Studies, click on Lists of Students, than click on Browse Packages of Topics/Variants. Each project is guaranteed by a Project Leader whose name is indicated in the list.


Registration procedure:

·        Students register for the topics during the period of registration for a respective semester. The student chooses a topic in the Individual Project (Samostatná práce) packet and registers for it in the packet. If the selection of a topic is conditional upon the teacher’s consent, (s)he asks for it.

·        No later than at the beginning of tuition in the respective semester, the student contacts the leader of the topic chosen and starts work according to his or her instructions. The work on the topic lasts a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 3 semesters since the date of registration.

·        At the beginning of the semester in which the student intends to close the work, (s)he enrols in the IS MUNI on the course Individual Project (Samostatná práce) VSSP03X (General Medicine), ZLSP03X (Dentistry). A prerequisite for obtaining the course-unit credit and the corresponding number of credits for this course is the submission of the project to the respective leader and its defence.


Prior to starting preparation for the Individual Project, the students are advised to complete an elective information seminar called Acquisition and Use of Technical Information. The terms of the seminar will be announced in connection with the information on course timetables.