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Common course for all Ph.D. students - Information Resources for Medicine

Information Resources for Medicine - Information Literacy Course
Length of the course: 4 hours Tutor: PhDr. Frantisek Zajicek

  1. The aim of the course
    Updating the general overview of accessible medical information resources and available services provided by libraries and information institutions, practical learning of basic skills of monitoring, searching, information acquisition, and medical information usage
  2. Introduction to medical informatics
    System point of view, special information communication, quality of information provision
  3. Information resources
    Monitoring of medical literature, classical and modern information resources
  4. Acquisition of medical information and information resources
    Classical information technologies (bibliographies, publishing catalogues, library catalogues, lendings, interlibrary loan services)
  5. Modern information technologies
    Electronic publishing - electronic information resources (databases on floppy disks, CD-ROMs, Internet accessible sources, medical portals, electronic journals and e-books)
  6. Central Library of the Faculty of Medicine, Masaryk University in Brno
    Sources and services, library rules
  7. Czech medical libraries
    National Library of Medicine, Prague
  8. Medical literature
    Scientific publishing - journal articles, books, theses - preparing and publishing
  9. Literature references
    ISO 690, 690-2
  10. Impact factor
    Web of Knowledge - ISI Journal Citation Reports
  11. Citation Index
    Web of Knowledge - citation search
  12. Practical information searching skills
    Practical training in using and exploring electronic medical journals and medical databases (Bibliographia Medica Czechoslovaca, Current Contents, MEDLINE, EMBASE)

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