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Upcoming Calls for Projects

NEW Czech Science Foundation has opened a call for proposals: standard, postdoctoral and bilateral projects. Deadline: 18th April 2013. Please inform us (Ing. Zuzana Krejčířová zkrejcir@med.muni.cz, Věra Pospíšilíková vposp@med.muni.cz) about your intention.

CLOSED We announce that I-MOVE (an FP7 project) call (Mobility Programme for post graduated scientists in Life Sciences) was opened. I-MOVE sponsors a fellowship scheme targeting experienced researchers with the objective to promote incoming and outgoing mobility between European and Associated States on one side and Italian research laboratories (also with links with the region of Umbria) on the other side. I-MOVE aims to create an instrument that provides qualified researchers with the freedom to choose both the scientific field and the host institution at a critical step of their career and at the same time progress toward the goal of building international links and collaborative networks. Applicable Fields:
- System Biology
- Genomics
- Cutting edge and innovative research on topics related to infectious disease control
- Bio-informatics
- Molecular and Cell Biology
- Microbial genetics
- Human genetics
- Nanotechnology
- Epidemiology and statistics
- Bio-banks
- Molecular diagnosis
- Bioinformatics and Structural Biology
- Medical Microbiology
- Vaccine development
- Antimicrobial drug development
Please, find more information on the website imove.poloinnovazioneggb.com. Deadline 15th October 2012. As usual, please, inform us (Ing. Zuzana Krejčířová zkrejcir@med.muni.cz, Mgr. Michal Petr mpetr@med.muni.cz) about your intention.

CLOSED Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports opened a call for proposals in research and development in programs fulfilling the objectives of international cooperation in research and development: COST (proposals for research networks and use this unique opportunity to exchange knowledge and to embark on new European perspectives), EUPRO II (supporting international infrastructures for cooperation in research and development), EUREKA CZ (international cooperation in applied research, the growth of competitiveness of Czech companies and creating new innovative products and services), INGO II is divided into two sub-programmes: INFRA enhancing research cooperation of Czech R&D institutions with international non-governmental research organisations and POPLATEK (i.e. "FEE") which enables financing of fees and other costs related to membership of Czech R&D institutions in international non-governmental organisations. Instructions for preparation and submission of projects here (in Czech). Information on the tender notice on the website msmt-vyzkum.cz (in Czech). All documentation for opened calls on www.msmt-vyzkum.cz/cz/2012-pms/ (in Czech; also input to the electronic application “E-PROJEKT”). Contact persons at OVRPP LF MU: Ing. Zuzana Krejčířová and Mgr. Michal Petr.


Before the deadline please consult the financial details with Mrs. Marie Herrmannova (herrmann@med.muni.cz). Faculty deadline for submission of projects (together with the form exported from the electronic system ISEP) is August 27, 2012 in 15 hours. Please meet this deadline because of successful application.

CLOSED THE KELLNER FAMILY FOUNDATION announces financial grants to support scientific research in the Czech Republic in the study of neoplastic diseases. With these grants announced as part of the foundation’s SCIENCE project, it will offer financial support to eminent figures in the scientific world who have achieved success in their fields, and also to talented researchers who are only starting out. The foundation seeks to provide scientific teams with stable work environments throughout three- to five-year research projects.
Candidates interested in applying for grants to support the study of neoplastic diseases can apply for three different grant types depending on the level of the applicant’s experience: 1. Principal Investigator Award (the grant is intended for successful Czech scientists, or for any scientists who want to carry out their research in the Czech Republic), 2. Clinical Fellowship (this grant is intended for medical school graduates who want to go through postgraduate training at prestigious universities outside the Czech Republic), 3. Ph.D. Fellowship (for Ph.D. students and recent graduates from postgraduate courses who want to go through training in scientific work at prestigious universities outside the Czech Republic). For more information about the terms and conditions of the grant award procedure please visit /www.kellnerfoundation.cz/science/. The deadline for submitting applications for the first round of the grant award procedure is September 7, 2012.


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