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Ph.D. programmes at the Faculty of Medicine - PSYCHIATRY

Graduate profile and aims of the study

At the conclusion of the study the graduate should be able:

  • to collect and prepare data, perform statistical analysis and interpret results;
  • to recognize and define clinical problems and to apply acquired knowledge in practice;
  • to be well informed about current issues and anticipate further development of the subject;
  • to be capable of doing independent scientific work;
  • to share knowledge and lead the team;
  • to present knowledge and results.

Requirements for admission

  • recognition of the university degree certificate
  • successful entrance examination
  • approval of the project

Required subjects:

  • English – DSAJz01
  • Rhetoric. The Culture of Interpersonal Communication
  • Design and Analyses of Clinical Trials

Optionally required subjects (two subjects from those mentioned below are compulsory and have to be added to the required subjects)

Special subjects:

  • Psychiatry

Optionally required (one subject from those mentioned below is compulsory and has to be added to Psychiatry)

  • Neuroimaging in Psychiatric Research
  • Psychopharmacology
  • Neurostimulation and its Use in Psychiatry
  • Child Psychiatry
  • Possibilities of Genetics Application in Psychiatry

Further duties

  • Participation in specialised seminars/workshops
  • Continuous study of literature
  • Teaching assistance (maximum 100 hours during the standard duration of study)
  • Preparation of doctoral thesis
  • Preparation of theoretical background for the thesis in a publication form
  • Publication – 1st author in a Czech journal and a foreign-language journal with I.F. (1st author or co-author)
  • Consultation of the thesis with supervisor
  • Presentation of partial results of the thesis on a seminar (guaranteed by supervisor)

Requirements for State Doctoral Examination

Mastering of the basic subject of Psychiatry
Partial knowledge of subject issues according to the topic of the thesis

Suggestions of thesis topics

  1. Neuroimaging in neurodevelopmental disorders of childhood
  2. Possible common aetiopathogenetic factors in internal and psychiatric disorders
  3. Genetics in psychiatry
  4. Brain connectivity in schizophrenia
  5. Molecular genetic aspects in severe psychiatric disorders
  6. Stimulation treatment methods in psychiatry

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