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Clinics and Departments

Department of Radiation Oncology

Department Position in the Structure

Masaryk University
Faculty of Medicine
Department of Radiation Oncology

Postal address:Žlutý kopec 534/7, 656 53 Brno
Location:Žlutý kopec 534/7, 656 53 Brno, Švejda pavilion
Phone:543 131 127
Fax:543 211 169

Department head
prof. MUDr. Pavel Šlampa, CSc.

Department vice-head
MUDr. Hana Doleželová, Ph.D.

List of contact information

Professors:prof. MUDr. Pavel Šlampa, CSc.
Assistant Professors:MUDr. Petr Burkoň, Ph.D.
MUDr. Hana Doleželová, Ph.D.
MUDr. Ludmila Hynková, Ph.D.
MUDr. Tomáš Kazda, Ph.D.
MUDr. Pavel Krupa, Ph.D.
MUDr. Petr Pospíšil, Ph.D.
MUDr. Denis Princ
MUDr. Jana Zitterbartová

* Maternity/Parental leave

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