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16. 3. 2018

Psychiatric sexuology with parafilism

Psychiatric Clinic LF MU and FN Brno
Organized a lecture on the topic
Psychiatric sexology with a focus on PARAFILIE

Programme: Prof. MUDr. Alexandra Žourková, CSc, psychiatric clinic LF
MU and FN Brno: Psychiatry and Sexology
Doc. MUDr. Jaroslav Zvěřina, CSc., Sexuologický Institute of Prague: Changes in the law on the treatment of transsexuality and therapeutic castration
Mudr. Petra Sejbalová (Prim.), MUDr. Jaroslav Janak, Prof. Mudr. Alexandra Žourková, CSc, sexuological odd. FN Brno:
Effect of ambulatory protective treatments, Brno University from the year 2010-2016
Mgr. Lenka Šturmová, sexuological odd. FN Brno:-Range of aggression in detention

when: March 16th,2018 10.00am.- 12.00 am.
Where:Auditorium Psychiatric clinic FN Brno - Bohunice, Jihlava 20, building G, 1st floor
Guarantor: Prof. MUDr. Tomáš Kašpárek, Ph.D.
Note: addressed to doctors, psychologists, NLZPers and those interested in the laity.
Is in advance, admission free.
Accredited for Doctors (CLK) and psychologists (AKP).


Auditorium Psychiatric clinic FN Brno – Bohunice, Jihlava 20, building G, 1st floor

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