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19. 9. 2017

Changes in health perception and wellness

The Faculty of Sports Studies of MU organizes a lecture of the founder of wellness Dr. John Travis
Changes in health perception and wellness

when: September 19th 2017,3.30 - 5.30pm
where: Scala Cinema, Moravské Square
The lecture will be in English

Where does the modern path to calokagathia lead?
What is wellness and tips, what to do to be healthier ...
Who's John Travis?
John Travis has become one of the founders of the wellness business, as a doctor dissatisfied with the endless treatment of civilization diseases
founded in 1975 in San Francisco the first wellness center in the world. Since then, the originally unknown word of wellness has become a global trend across different disciplines.
John Travis argues that wellness is much more than a condition when a person is not ill. According to John, holistic health care must be taken, paying the same attention to the body, mind, emotion and soul of man as well as the environment in which he lives. He writes about it in his book as well.


Scala Moravské square, Brno


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