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Common course for all Ph.D. students - Molecular Biology and Genetics

prof. Petr Dvorak, PhD.
Ass.Prof. David Smajs, PhD.
Dr. Dana Dvorakova, PhD.
Dr. Stjepan Uldrian, PhD.
Dr. Lumir Krejci, PhD.
Dr. Alena Vaculova Hyrslova, PhD.
Vladimir Rotrekl, Ph.D.
Pavel Krejci, Ph.D.
Lectures: 8 hrs
Education is concluded with a colloquium.

The aims of the subject are to give students information abouot recent topical developments in molecular biology and genetics, outlining and highlighting their importance for molecular medicine.

Syllabus of Lectures:
Human genome; genome size; gene number; sequence repeats; SNP; mobile elements; capillary DNA sequencing; mitochondrial DNA; RNA genes.

Genomic integrity and DNA damage; mutations; single and double strand breaks; mechanisms of DNA repair; base excision repair; nucleotide excision repair; mismatch repair; DNA repair and the associated pathology.   

Basic features of stem cells; mechanism of self-renewal; embryonic stem cells; foetal stem cells; adult stem cells; induced pluripotent cells; differentiation of stem cells; stem cells and cell replacement therapy; ethics in stem cell research.

Molecular DNA diagnostics; direct and indirect DNA diagnostics; PCR; real-time PCR; DNA hybridization; RFLP; DNA microarray; FISH.

Programmed cell death; altered cell differentiation and diseases; necrosis; apoptotic regulatory pathways; caspases; BCL2 family; apoptosis in human diseases.

Neoplastic transformation of cells; genes involved in carcinogenesis; proto-oncogene, oncogene, tumour suppressors; oncogenic viruses; clonal origin of tumours, hallmarks of malignant cancer cell.

Biology of cell cycle; cell cycle research; cell cycle phases; DNA replication; morphological aspects of cell cycle; cyclin-dependent kinases; cyclins; CDK inhibitors; abnormalities of cell cycle regulators; cell cycle regulators in diseases.

Cytoskeleton biology and pathology; microtubules; actin microfilaments; intermediate filaments;  cytoskeleton-associated proteins; cytoskeleton and human diseases.

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