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How to Submit a Project

Dear colleagues,

When you decide to submit a project, please contact the Research & Development and Project Support Department first. We will help you with planning your future project and consult the financial parts of the proposal. Because most of the necessary forms or administrative tasks are localized to the czech language, please, consult every step with your english speaking colleagues or contact the Research & Development and Project Support Department.

The procedures of Grant Agencies differ from each other. Please, follow the instructions mentioned in the part „Upcoming calls“ first.

There is a suggested procedure:

  1. Monitor the upcoming calls.
  2. Notify your intent to the Research Administrator.
  3. The Administrator will inform you about necessary administrative steps, deadlines and will send you the forms, if needed.
  4. Work on the proposal, consult your financial plan with the economists of the R&D Department.
  5. After finalizing the proposal, send it to the Research Administrator because of final verification.
  6. Due to the guidelines, submit the project by yourself or let the R&D Department do it.

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