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Common Course for all Ph.D. Students - New Trends in Pathological Physiology

Prof. Anna Vašků, M.D., CSc.


The aim of the subject is further confirmation and enhancement of pathophysiology knowledge, both at organ and molecular levels. Finally, the student will be able to review results of basic genetic studies of complex diseases from the point of view of methodology and statistics.

The workshop will offer basic experience about practical performance of molecular biology methods (PCR, restriction analysis, electrophoretic presentation of genotypes, RT-PCR, sequencing).

Workshop "Practical Minimum in Molecular Biology"
Demonstration of molecular biology methodology in laboratory practice

Syllabus: The education will be realized by lectures with continuous discussion with students. The workshop is realized in the research laboratories of the Department of Pathological Physiology with the assistance of postgraduate students and laboratory technicians.
Lectures: 12 hrs
Workshop: 6 hrs
Students will write an assay on the theme: Genes and My Dissertation Focus. The specific retrieval results will be discussed during the oral examination.


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