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ERASMUS+ traineeship

The Erasmus+: Erasmus programme enables students to undergo a 2-12 month work placement with financial support in the countries involved in the Erasmus+ programme.

Duration of internship is 2 - 12 MONTHS

Each student may, at any level of study, go on work placements for up to 12 months

The amount of scholarships is divided into divided into three groups according to cost of living:

  • countries with higher living costs - 600 Euros per month (Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Norway, Austria, Sweden, United Kingdom)
  • countries with average living costs - 500 Euros per month (Belgium, Cyprus, Germany, Spain, Greece, Croatia, Island, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Turkey)
  • countries with a lower cost of living - 400 Euros per month (Bulgaria, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Macedonia, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia)

In the new academic year there will be 3 standard deadlines; it is possible that there is a special summer deadline for a summer internship

Further detailed information is on the website:


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