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PhD programmes at the Faculty of Medicine - MICROBIOLOGY AND IMMUNOLOGY

Characteristics of the PhD study programme

Characteristics of the graduate:

A specialist in the fields of medical microbiology and immunology capable of independent research work in the field.

Aims of the study:

Acquisition of:
Excellent knowledge of the methodology of creative scientific work.
Profound knowledge in microbiology and immunology.
Sufficient overview of current knowledge in the fields of molecular biology and genetics. 
Proficiency in diagnostic laboratory methods in medical microbiology and immunology.
Perfect orientation in clinical aspects of microbiology and immunology.
Excellent capacity of professional oral and written expression with the accent on writing scientific and professional publications and applying for grant projects.

Admission requirements

Completed Master study of medical and biological branches.
In the course of the entrance interview the applicants are required to show a sufficient level of professional knowledge as well as the ability of independent scientific work.
In the course of the admission examination, they have to show the working knowledge of at least one world language.

Study subjects

Required courses:

  • English
  • New trends in medical immunology
  • Clinical data analysis
  • Medical microbiology

Required elective courses (the student is obliged to enrol on at least 3 such courses during the study):

  • The ethics of scientific, clinical and experimental work
  • Molecular biology and genetics
  • New trends in pathophysiology
  • Acquisition of scientific information
  • Clinical genetics
  • Molecular biology of tumours
  • Design and analysis of clinical trials

Other duties

  • Continuous preparation of Ph.D. thesis
  • Compilation of a critical literature search of the Ph.D. thesis problems and presentation of the methodology and intents of the thesis at a professional workshop during the first year of the study
  • A minimum of 120 hours of teaching practice during the standard study period
  • Presentation of continuous own results at a professional workshop
  • Attendance at a conference with international participation combined with a presentation of the work results either verbally or by means of a poster communication (at least once in the course of the study)
  • At least one original paper in full extent as the first author in an international scientific journal with a known impact factor
  • Regular attendance at professional seminars in the respective field


  • Successful application for a student grant (e.g. from the University Development Fund)
  • Study visit (more than 2 weeks) at a renowned foreign institution

Requirements for the State Doctoral Examination

Overview of theoretical and clinical immunology
Overview of general and special medical microbiology
Perfect knowledge of the field concerning the topic of PhD thesis

Proposed thesis topics

Analysis of lymphocytic subpopulations in patients with primary immunodeficiencies
Analysis of innate immunity factors in immunodeficient patients
Factors predictive of CMV infection activation in patients with immunosuppression
Clinical importance of the biofilm production detection
Biofilm production as the virulence factor of a microbial strain
Modern laboratory detection methods of Treponema pallidum infection

Scientific Advisory Board

Miroslav Votava, Prof., M.D., CSc., chairman
Microbiology (mvotava@med.muni.cz)

Jiri Litzman, Prof., M.D., CSc., vice-chairman
Immunology (jlitzman@med.muni.cz)

Jiri Doskar, Assoc. Prof., M.D., CSc.
Molecular Genetics (doskar@sci.muni.cz)

Dagmar Koukalova, Assoc. Prof., M.D., CSc.
Microbiology (koukald@tunw.upol.cz)

Jindrich Lokaj, Prof., M.D., CSc.
Immunology (jlokaj@med.muni.cz)

Jiri Smola, Prof., V.M.D., CSc.
Microbiology (smolaj@vfu.cz)

Ivan Sterzl, Assoc. Prof., M.D., CSc.
Immunology (isterzl@endo.cz)

Vojtech Thon, M.D., Ph.D.
Immunology (vojtech.thon@fnusa.cz)

Miroslav Toman, Assoc. Prof., V.M.D., CSc.
Immunology (toman@vri.cz)

Vladana Woznicova, Assoc. Prof., M.D., Ph.D.
Microbiology (vladana.woznicova@fnusa.cz)


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