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Jan Juřica
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Ph.D. programmes at the Faculty of Medicine - MEDICAL PHARMACOLOGY

Suggested topics of the dissertation

Determination of expression of the brain neurotransmitter receptors in an animal model of addiction to psychotropic substances
Changes in the receptor systems of the brain under the influence of a substance dependence
Reactivity of brain neurotransmitter systems of the brain on selected antidepressants
Effects of selected antipsychotics in behavioural animal models
Effects of cannabinoid system ligands in animal models in vivo
Effects of modulators of activity of endocannabinoid system in animal models in vivo
The role of glutamatergic system in animal model of comorbidity of depression and drug dependence
The impact of genetic polymorphism of cytochromes P450 in pharmacotherapy
Modulation of the cytochrome P450 function by endocannabinoid system
The influence of pharmacokinetic factors on the efficacy and safety of pharmacotherapy including therapeutic drug monitoring
Pharmacoeconomics, Evaluation of health technologies, e-Health
Drug regulation in clinical trials, pharmacovigilance,  Regulace léčiv v oblasti klinických hodnocení, farmakovigilance, pricing and reimbursement of medicines
Research in the area of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products with special focus on somatic cell therapy


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