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Ph.D. programmes at the Faculty of Medicine - MEDICAL PHARMACOLOGY

Conditions for proper completion of studies

Completion of recommended courses of doctoral studies according to the curriculum:
Obligatory subjects:
English language – see also below: DSAJz01 - Optional common subjects and courses applicable to the Faculty of Medicine

Compulsory optional subjects (must enroll at least 3):
Behavioral pharmacology
Animal models of CNS disorders
Specialized pharmacokinetics

Optional common subjects and courses applicable to the Faculty of Medicine (must enroll at least 5):
Details with annotations, speakers, schedule and recommended literature available on the official website LF MU: http://www.med.muni.cz/index.php?id=124

Molecular Biology and Genetics - DSMBz01
New trends in pathophysiology - DSNTz01
Trends in medical immunology - DSTIz01
Analysis of clinical data - DSAK051 (course)
Ethics of Biomedical Research - DSETz01
Rhetoric. The culture of interpersonal communication - DSREz01
Acquisition of scientific information - DSVIz01 (course)
Planning, organization and evaluation of clinical trials - DSAM051 (course)
Computer network user - DSUP031 (course)
English language - DSAJz01 (for Medical Pharmacology - mandatory)

Publication of the results of its own original experimental work in the journal impact factor above median in the field (according to Journal Citation Reports); (min. 1 paper as the first author).

The preparation and successful defense of a dissertation.


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