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Accommodation Instructions for Autumn 2013/2014

  1. Submitting Applications Forms for the halls of residence accommodation till August 6th, 2013

    Students who are going to start their first year must submit applications for accommodation at halls of residence in academic year 2013/14 electronically through IS MU https://is.muni.cz/auth/student/zadost_o_koleje.pl.
    Student received all the information needed for logging in (login name/UČO + password) from the Dept. of Study Affairs with Letters of Acceptance. The accommodation application must be handed till 6th August 2013. Students can choose from any Halls of residence available but the dpt. of study affairs recommends following Residence halls in:
    Vinařská - http://www.skm.muni.cz/ubytovani.php?akce=100&lang=en or
    Kounicova - http://www.skm.muni.cz/ubytovani.php?akce=200&lang=en
  2. PRE-BOOKING 7th August – 26th August, 2013

    Students must pre-book (reserve their beds). The pre-booking will be done electronically through the ISKAM application https://iskam.skm.muni.cz/ - from 7th August till 26th August, 2013. (If the page does not open automatically click on Czech sentence Pokračovat na tento web (nedoporučujeme) /continue opening the webpage). The date of launching of the accommodation can be chosen only from the days given for the commencement of accommodation at the halls of residence (14th September or 15th September, 2013), the date of running out of the contract can be fixed arbitrarily, minimally till 31st October, 2013. The accommodation contract can be prolonged during the accommodation period at the latest a month before the planned running out. The accommodation can be finished earlier only in accordance with art. II par. 3 included in the accommodation contract.

    Pre-booking for a mixed room – woman/man (only possible in separate 2-bed rooms) - can only be arranged in the office of assistants for accommodation of respective halls.

    After booking the bed, students must read the accommodation contract and confirm electronically their agreement with the contract. Students will print out the accommodation contract in two copies and will hand them signed on the day of the commencement of accommodation at the hall of residence, where it will be confirmed by the provider. Students, who will not reserve their beds within the stated period, will lose their right to beds. Students who book their beds must pay a deposit for the reserved bed in the amount of CZK 1000,- and activate SUPO system.

    (SUPO = the System of Settlement of Individuals' Claims at Masaryk University.) It is important to activate your personal page in this system; otherwise you cannot pay for your accommodation, access the internet network in the halls of residence and make copies/prints at a university.

    • Go to SUPO website (The System of Settlement of Individuals' Claims at Masaryk University) https://inet.muni.cz/app/supo/info (Log in, use your login name and your primary password)
    • Change the language of the website to English, on the right top of the page.
    • Click on the link “SUPO” in the section “MU economics”, and then on “SUPO client account” in the submenu.
    • Click on the link „Client's Consent with the Conditions of Running the SUPO System” and read the text.
    • Choose the option “I agree” and click on “Confirm” at the end of the page.
    • Your SUPO website is now activated, and you can see your variable symbol. Write it down - it is your personal specific number and it is necessary to mention it when making any payment - money transfer from your account to MU account.
    • After the activation, the SUPO system sends you automatically a message (in English and in Czech) about a deposit 50 CZK to be paid. Please ignore the message; it applies only to students who will not stay in the university halls of residence. Those who will not stay in the halls and will need to use printers and copy machines at the university will have to complete the activation by the 50 crowns deposit, after their arrival. The easiest way (without any fees) is to use so called cash registers (device similar to vending machines), where you can deposit cash. You can find these machines in university buildings.
      All other students will complete the activation of the SUPO by the first payment, the booking deposit.

    Every student is obliged to pay a booking deposit (1000 CZK = cca 40 EUR, 55 USD). The payment is to be done online by a credit card, at the latest till 30th August 2013. If students do not pay the deposit during this period, the booking of the accommodation will be cancelled.

    In case students paid once, the fee cannot unfortunately be returned under any circumstances.

    Enter this website: https://is.muni.cz/auth/obchod/baleni/64800/ and use the login and password you received by post. You will see there one package you can buy. Click on “Add to cart” under the package “Booking deposit”. Then click on “Order” in the right upper corner of the page. Your personal data will be automatically added. Click on “Next”, choose “Pay by card” and click on “Complete order”.
    After new page appears go for “Payment by Card” and then for “Pay by card” again on the next page. Follow the instruction given on the “bank” page and complete the online payment. The payment has to be at least authorized until the deadline, although the money will arrive in several days.

    Unless the booking deposit is paid and credited in the stated amount and by the stated date, the bed reservation will be cancelled. By paying the reservation deposit the reservation comes into force and becomes obligatory.

    The date of commencement of accommodation:
    14th September 2012, 12:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
    15th September 2012, 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

    When registering on the day of commencement of accommodation, the student must provide ID card or passport and two copies of the signed accommodation contract.

    If pre-booked students cannot come to the registration at the stated time for serious reasons (that concerns only the pre-accommodated students), they must notify the provider of this fact in writing to the address of the accommodation management of SKM MU or by e-mail koleje@skm.muni.cz by 13rd September, 2013, with stating the planned day of arrival.

    The student, who entered into the accommodation contract and paid the reservation deposit have the bed reserved by 22nd September, 2013 (including this date).

    If students want to start the accommodation sooner (because of the earlier enrolment), it is necessary to write an email with the exact date of arrival to koleje@skm.muni.cz minimum 5 days prior the arrival.

    In addition to the accommodation in dormitories, it is possible to rent a furnished studio (1 + kk) in Campus residential area. The advantage of this is living right on the premises of the university campus. Rent the whole apartment, and is up to you whether you live here by yourself, or you may share it with a roommate.
    For more information see: http://www.skm.muni.cz/ubytovani.php?akce=305&lang=en
    If you are interested in this, please send an e-mail to wagnerova@skm.muni.cz