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Accommodation Instructions for Autumn 2014/2015

Submitting Applications Forms for the halls of residence accommodation

  • students who are going to start their first year must submit a bed reservation at MU Dormitories in academic year 2014/15 electronically by means of ISKAM Accommodation System https://iskam.skm.muni.cz/.
  • all the information needed for signing in ISKAM Accommodation System (login name/UČO + password) are included in Letters of Acceptance
  • reservations can be done from 28th July 2014 at 9 a.m. to 10th September 2014 (at the latest; however, note that the dormitory capacity might have run out by then)
  • after having booked a bed, it is necessary to confirm the accommodation contract and pay the reservation deposit of 1000 CZK.
    NOTICE! The deposit is due within 10 days from the accomplishment of the reservation! If the reservation deposit is not settled on the due date, the reservation of a bed will be cancelled. By settling the reservation deposit, the reservation becomes binding.
  • students can choose from any Halls of residence available but the dpt. of study affairs recommends following Residence halls:

Common provisions

4. Important dates

  • the beginning of the accommodation can be only chosen from the fixed dates for checking into the dormitory (13th September or 14th September)
  • the date of the termination of the contract:
    at least until 31st October 2014
    at most until 30th June 2015
  • possible requirements regarding the earlier check-in can be handled individually with an accommodation provider of the relevant dormitory, only at the dormitories which are open during holidays

5. Accommodation contract

  • can be prolonged in the course of the year at the latest a month before the planned termination
  • can be only terminated prematurely by a notice according to article II paragraph 2b of Accommodation Contract with a two-month notice period

6. Booking a mixed (woman/man) room

  • only individual twin-bedded rooms can be booked
  • can only be arranged in the office of assistants for accommodation of respective halls

7. Students’ duties after having booked the particular bed

  • students are obligated to read the Accommodation Contract and confirm their agreement electronically
  • students will print out two copies of the Accommodation Contract and they will present them signed when checking in; the Accommodation Contract will be confirmed by the accommodation provider afterwards

8. Cancelling reservation

  • the bed reservation can be cancelled by a student only in writing at the latest on 31st August 2014 by sending an e-mail at: koleje@skm.muni.cz
  • the cancellation will be confirmed and the reservation deposit will be transferred to the student’s SUPO account which can be later transferred on their own bank account


9. Checking into the dormitory

  • the dates of checking-in:
    • 13th September 2014 12:00 – 6 p.m.
    • 14th September 2014 8 a.m.– 6 p.m.
  • when checking in, students are obligated to present their ID cards (passports), ISIC cards and two copies of the signed Accommodation Contract
  • if students cannot check in either on the set date or in the period stated above (applies only to students who have settled the reservation deposit) they are obligated to announce this fact in writing at the address of SKM MU Accommodation Management or by e-mail where they indicate the date of their check-in at the latest till 12th September

10. Payment of accommodation

  • students are obligated to pay the dormitory fee and accommodation deposit within the set period through SUPO (for the details regarding activating SUPO account, see below)
  • if the fees are not paid the Accommodation Contract is discharged according to article II paragraph 2 of Accommodation Contract
  • if the student does not cancel the reservation till 31st August 2014 or does not check in on above stated dates without any written apology the Accommodation Contract will be discharged and the reservation deposit will be forfeited
  • if the student checks in in the set or agreed period the reservation deposit will be used by the accommodation provider pursuant to the Accommodation Contract for settling the accommodation fee or accommodation deposit

Activating SUPO system and obtaining a variable symbol
(SUPO = the System of Settlement of Individuals’ Claims at Masaryk University)

  • it is important to activate your personal page in this system; otherwise you cannot pay for your accommodation, access the internet network in the halls of residence and make copies/prints at a university
  • Instructions for activating the account
    • Go to SUPO website (The System of Settlement of Individuals' Claims at Masaryk University) https://inet.muni.cz/app/supo/info (Log in, use your login name and your primary password)
    • Change the language of the website to English, on the right top of the page.
    • Click on the link “SUPO” in the section “MU economics”, and then on “SUPO client account” in the submenu.
    • Click on the link „Client's Consent with the Conditions of Running the SUPO System” and read the text.
    • Choose the option “I agree” and click on “Confirm” at the end of the page.
    • Your SUPO website is now activated, and you can see your variable symbol. Write it down - it is your personal specific number and it is necessary to mention it when making any payment - money transfer from your account to MU account.
    • After the activation, the SUPO system sends you automatically a message (in English and in Czech) about a deposit 50 CZK to be paid. Please ignore the message; it applies only to students who will not stay in the university halls of residence. Those who will not stay in the halls and will need to use printers and copy machines at the university will have to complete the activation by the 50 crowns deposit, after their arrival. The easiest way (without any fees) is to use so called cash registers (device similar to vending machines), where you can deposit cash. You can find these machines in university buildings.
      All other students will complete the activation of the SUPO by the first payment, the booking deposit.