The content of the subject corresponds to the prescribed prerequisite for the knowledge of one international language. The knowledge of this language is checked by an examination.

English language - working knowledge

Prerequisites for examination:

The prerequisites include reading of English-language professional literature of the respective scientific field studied by the Ph.D. student, in a minimum amount of at least 200 pages.

On sitting the exam, the Ph.D. student has to demonstrate that they are capable of:


Progress of examination:

  1. The examinee is presented any piece of text from the professional literature that they had studied before for reading aloud in an extent of 20 to 25 lines; comprehension is checked by translation of the text, reproduction of the content in the English language, and/or by check questions of the examiner.
  2. The ability to understand from hearing a professional talk is checked in the following way: the examinee listens to a short coherent text in the English language from their respective field of study (either recorded or read by the examiner) and then reproduces its content in English.
  3. The ability to speak is demonstrated by the examinee by an English-language exposé focused on problems of their respective scientific field as well as their own closer specialisation and the topic of their Ph.D. thesis; they further discuss the state of solution and importance of the topic studied, their own professional career and their future plans and outlooks, their institution's activities, etc. This is followed by supplementary questions of the examiner, whereby the monologue is transformed to a dialogue. The subject of the discussion may also include suitable topics of social and cultural life as well as routine daily situations.
  4. The ability to express themselves in writing is demonstrated by the examinee as follows: they present their own curriculum vitae in the English language that they had prepared at home, and/or in the course of the exam they draw up a short official letter or a report on a given topic, or they make a summary of a selected professional text (article, report, etc.) in English.

The examination is an Official Examining Board Test; the Boards typically have three members, who are teachers of the Department of Foreign Languages of Masaryk University, Faculty of Medicine Division. The chairman of the Board is head of the Division, or some other person authorised by the head of the Division. The way and form of the Certificate of Examination are stipulated by the Faculty. The respective documentation material is archived at the Fac. of Medicine Division.

The examination in the English language may only be repeated once. Doctoral students will be exempt from the examination in the English language if they furnish a certificate corresponding to the level of CAE (Certificate in Advanced English). In controversial cases, eligibility for exemption from the examination will be assessed by the Examining Board.

Brno, 19 May 2004

Mgr. Ladislav Červený
Head of the Fac. of Medicine
Division of Foreign Languages