Lecturer: Dr. Adam Svobodnik, Ph.D.
Lesson: credit


Annotation:                           clinical trials - fundamental terminology, ethical, legal and organizational aspects; statistical analyses - testing of hypotheses, experimental design, sample size, randomization, data monitoring and management


Designed for:                        Ph.D. students


Time table:                            3 afternoon lectures (a total of 12 hours)




PART I: Fundamental terminology, ethical and legal aspects

Fundamental terminology

Clinical trial, Phase I - IV studies, trial protocol, principal investigator, investigator, study subjects, case report form (CRF), monitor, statistician, contract research organization

Ethical and legal aspects

Main law sources in the Czech Republic and EU, harmonization, good clinical practice, Declaration of Helsinki, informed consent, ethical committee

Conduct of clinical trial

SÚKL, ethical committee, insurance, agreements, annual reports, study termination, final report, administration

Statistics in clinical trial

Study design, testing of hypotheses, sample size estimates, randomization, data management

Part II: Statistics in clinical trials - data management and analyses

Study design

Parallel design, cross-over and factorial design, Phase I - IV trials

Testing of hypotheses

Type of data in clinical trials, a and b error, power

Sample size estimates

Factors limiting sample size, fundamental equations, software tools


Randomness, complete randomization, permuted block randomization, stratification, adaptive randomization

Data management

Case report form, double data entry, data transfer, remote data entry (RDE)




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