Tomáškovy dny

XXVIII. Tomasek Days of young microbiologists

Tomasek Days of young microbiologists is a conference which has been organized since 1992 annually by the Institute for Microbiology of the Faculty of Medicine of Masaryk University in Brno and St. Anna Faculty Hospital in Brno in cooperation with Czechoslovak Society for Microbiology.
Czech Medical Association J. E. Purkyně and the Society for Medical Microbiology CLS belong to other official conference organizers.
The presenting author (or main author of the poster) must be under 36 years old.

Congress information

Date of event: June 6-7, 2019
Event location: Congressional centre of Masaryk University, Komenskeho nam. 2, Brno, Czech Republic
Forms of presentation: oral presentation (max. 7 minutes)
Poster: max. 120 x 80 cm

Everyone must register for the congress via this registration system.
The deadline for submission of abstracts is 12. 4. 2019. Abstracts must be sent only via internet. More information about structure of abstracts you will find at Abstracts. Abstracts sended after deadline or without recommended structure will not be accepted.

  Reduced fee   Fee   Fee *
Pregraduate student 300 kč 500 kč -
Postgraduate student 500 kč 750 kč 700 kč
Non-presenting author 500 kč 750 kč 700 kč

* for ČSSM or ASM members

Reduced fee include: admission to the congress and programme summary book. Fee include: admission to the congress, programme summary book and evening party.

Social evening - June 6th 2019.

Tomáškovy dny