Agenda of Personnel Office

Occupational medical examinations

From 1st May 2021, FM MU has a new contracted doctor, MUDr. Kateřina Kolářová. It is necessary to always bring an up-to-date extract from the medical records of the employee's general practitioner to the occupational medical examination. It is not possible to perform the examination without the extract!!!

If your general practitioner is MUDr. Hlinomazová or MUDr. Přibylová (doctors formerly contracted by the MU), you must request the extract from them. If you would like to re-register to MUDr. Kolářová as to your general practitioner, it is possible by prior arrangement.

MUDr. Kateřina Kolářová has a surgery on the address Mendlovo náměstí 157/1 (entrance to the complex is through a gate next to the brewery).

Contact information:

It is necessary to book a date for the medical examination (by phone, e-mail or electronically - see the button below). In case of problems with booking, contact the Personnel Office, we will be happy to help you.


If the issuance of an extract or the examination is subject to a charge, it must be stated on the receipt that it is an extract / examination for Masaryk University, IČ: 00216224 + your name, so that the fee can be subsequently paid to you. Please pay in cash (payment by card cannot be repaid without problems).

Please deliver the form confirmed by the doctor and a proof of payment to the Personnel Office.


MultiSport card

  • All employees with an employment contract (regardless of working hours) are entitled to the MultiSport card benefit
  • For the monthly fee of 550 CZK, the card enables one free entry per day to one of the contracted sports and relaxation facilities.
  • MU does not contribute to the card, the fee is deducted from the salary of registered employees (if it is not possible to deduct from the salary, the employee must pay through invoice).
  • The card is issued in a name of its holder and is not transferable; MU does not provide cards for family members of the employees.
  • Placing an order for the following month has to take place till the 15th day of the current month
  • Cancellation of MultiSport card is also possible until the 15th day of the current month. The card will be invalid effective 1st day of the following month. 
  • Agenda of administration and card handover is covered by the FM Personnel Office, the contact person is Jaroslava Stanková

Order MultiSport card / sign off MultiSport card program

Meal allowance (meal voucher allowance)

From the 1st May 2021, the MU provides its employees with a monetary contribution for meals, the so-called “meal voucher alowance”. See the amendment to the Collective Agreement here.

All employees with agreed employment relationship in the extent of at least half of the set weekly working hours (20 hours a week, e.g. 0,5 employment). The employees will receive the contribution of 55 CZK for a day, in which they work 4 or more hours. This applies to all employees of the FM, regardless of workplace (i.e. this also applies to employees of joint workplaces of the FM and university hospitals).

As of 1st May 2021, all existing forms of meal contributions are discontinued. It is possible to use meal vouchers/ contributions on meal cards until the end of 2021, meal cards will remain in the possession of the employee.

The meal voucher rate will be paid together with the salary for the relevant month, i.e. retrospectively. It will be automatically calculated and provided based on the data in the employee’s attendance in INET – it is therefore necessary to enter the data on leave, business trips etc. in a timely manner.

Pension insurance contribution

The contribution is provided by MU to employees in employment relationship and it is set to 2% of the salary tariff stated in the employee’s payroll. A condition for providing the contribution is the conclusion of a contract on supplementary pension savings with the employer’s contribution and the provision of its copy to the payroll accounting office. You are entitled to the contribution from the first day of the month, in which the conditions were met.

Vaccination against tick-borne encephalitis

Based on the decision of the management of the Faculty of Medicine and in accordance with the MU Collective Agreement, the employees of the Faculty of Medicine are offered the possibility of free vaccination against tick-borne encephalitis. This option applies to all FM employees with an employment contract (regardless of the contracted amount of work).

Vaccination is provided by the contracted physician of the Faculty of Medicine MUDr. Kolářová in the surgery at Mendlovo náměstí 157/1 (entrance to the complex through a gate next to the brewery). In this case, you will not pay for the vaccinations, the costs will be invoiced to the Faculty.

You can book an appointment for vaccination:

You can also get vaccinated with another general practitioner, in which case the faculty will reimburse you up to 800 CZK per dose (vaccine + application). A receipt shall be:

  • issued in your name
  • paid in cash (payment by card cannot be repaid without problems)
  • with the note that the vaccinated person is an employee of Masaryk University, IČ no.: 00216224

Please submit the document to the personnel officer for your workplace without undue delay.

Paid leave due to attending event for children and youth

In accordance with the up to date wording of the Labour Code, employees attending events organized for children and youth, granted that the conditions set by law have been met, are entitled to a week of paid leave. More information is available on CSSA website. Paid leave request must be submitted before the event takes place (acc. to § 206 (1) Labour Code). Request forms are to be provided by the FM Personnel Office.

Complete list of benefits

Up-to-date benefit list for Masaryk University employees can be found in Benefits section of Employee Portal. 

Employee education

Since March 2021, the FM MU has been developing the area of employee education. The new coordinator for education is Mgr. Markéta Bártová, who also deals with the adaptation process of employees.

The mapping of educational needs is currently underway with the aim of creating a systematic concept for the development of the FM employees. The first phase of data collection focused on the educational needs of the Dean’s Office employees was successfully completed, the plan of education of Dean’s Office employees for the years 2021 – 2022 was approved and will be implemented gradually. In the second phase, the identification of educational needs has been moved to the academic workplaces of the FM, where mapping is focused on internal sources of development at the moment. 

Current employee education opportunities with a specified target group are published on Employee Portal website.


Academic staff are entitled to 8 weeks of leave, other employees are entitled to 6 weeks of leave. According to the directive of the Dean of the FM, the entire extent of leave must be used in the year in which the employee became entitled.

The employee is obliged to plan the use of substantial part of the leave for the period of the main summer holidays and the Christmas, so that the smooth running of the academic year is not disrupted. Academic staff are required to take at least 6 weeks of leave during the main summer holidays, non-academic staff is required to take 4 weeks of leave.

The employee applies for leave electronically.


Home office

The Faculty of Medicine recommends that employees work from home, in the "home office" mode, throughout the imposition of extraordinary measures in connection with the prevention of the spread of coronavirus COVID-19.

The general recommendation is to use the home office mode wherever possible. There is no need to arrange or explicitly order work from home for academic staff. The possibility of working from home in cases where the personal presence of an academic staff member is not necessary or required has been stipulated in the Higher Education Act since 2019. For non-academic staff, this possibility must be agreed. The home office agreement can also be negotiated electronically (by e-mail), there is no need to go to the personnel office of the FM in person. To conclude agreements, contact the personnel officer of your workplace - see:

Work from home (home office) is registered as other attendance in the INET application There you can easily enter both a part of the day spent at the home office and a whole day (button at the end of each line).

In the case of work from home, employees are entitled to the same meal allowance as when working at MU workplaces (see the Benefits section). The decisive factor for the entitlement is working at least 4 hours a day, not the place of work. 

Teaching in English

Teaching in the English language is reimbursed to employees of the FM in the form of bonuses – preferred method is the electronic renumeration proposal, exceptionally the renumeration proposal can also be submitted in paper form. Employees with contract for work and employees with contract for service are reimbursed for lessons in English on the basis of a monthly statement


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