Josephin Lichtenberg

Country: Germany
General Medicine
Level of study: Long-cycle Master's

What experiences make you a great ambassador?
Guten Tag guys! My name is Josi from Germany and I am a student in the 4th year. When I first came to Brno, it was like being thrown in cold water with all the new information around me. I had to adjust to the big city life which was relatively adventurous for me, since I am from a really small town. Over the years I gained a lot of experience and I started to share them with my entry as a board member in the student organization - MIMSA and now as a ambassador. I want to take you by the hand, so you won’t feel lost and lonely in this big new chapter in your life!

What advice would you give to new students?
The one advice I would like to give you is to always try to stay positive and enthusiastic! Med school can be really hard and challenging but we can never forget our own mental and overall health in the progress. Yes, studying early is important, but many people tend to forget to meet up with friends and explore the beautiful city of Brno once in a while. Being connected is also really important. Try to not only stay in your community but also use this chance to make friendships with other nationalities.

What do you love most about Brno?
My life and love is all about food and little walks. I enjoy just to put on my headphones and walk around the city in every season of the year. Brno has so many good cafes to go to and is perfectly connected to cities like Prague, Vienna, Krakow, Budapest and many more. If you every feel like you need some help in Brno or tips in your studies, please never hesitate to contact me or MIMSA for a small chat! In Liebe, Josi

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