Sanaz Malali

Country: IRAN
Level of study: Long-cycle Master's

What experiences make you a great ambassador?
Being an ambassador is a rewarding opportunity which I can share my experiences. I do believe that I have very good communication and social skills which I’ve earned them throughout my school years, because I’ve talked to a range of people when I’ve decided to do my doctorate of chemistry at masaryk university in 2016 and then later dentistry in 2019. And it has already been 2 years that I am a Communication Manager for DentSoc MUNI as part of MIMSA.

Besides, I am one of the first students in Masaryk University who has opened a public instagram page to share dental school experiences on a daily basis.

What advice would you give to new students?
Life is about balance. Finding a balance between school and your personal life is essential in remaining successful, motivated, and happy. And always remember this “Study smarter, not harder”

What do you love most about Brno?
I am from a populated city and I’ve found Brno a very quiet and peaceful place surrounded by nature which I really like it. Also, I am a foodie person and Brno is overflowing with many different types of restaurants and coffee

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