Doctoral (PhD) Studies

Students are expected to have a good background in the field as well as sufficient language skills to understand fully the study materials. Applicants are required to hold a corresponding degree from an officially accredited university. The faculty encourages applications from all students and does not discriminate on the basis of national origin, race, gender or religion.

The applicant is supposed to check the requirement for applicants specified for particular fields of study. There will be an admission to concrete doctoral study programmes with the beginning of the study in Spring 2021. The period for online applications will be 1. 9. 2020 – 30. 11. 2020.

Information on study programmes

Information on study programmes will be published later.

Admission Information

Choose from offered PhD thesis topics


Generally, the applicant has to submit following documents (if not required otherwise all materials must be in Czech or English or must be original documents accompanied by Czech or English translations).

Once the call is open, the applicant can fill an electronical application form. It is necessary to fill the name of your future supervisor with the PhD thesis topic at the Faculty of Medicine.

Necessary parts of the application are:

  • CURRICULUM VITAE (i.e., a one-page outline of the student’s professional background, experience and skills)
  • AN ESSAY (up to two pages of format-free text in length) explaining the reasons why the student should be accepted for study at the faculty and what study program he or she wishes to apply for.
  • PHOTOCOPIES OF ALL DIPLOMAS AND TRANSCRIPTS from all universities attended (the doctoral degree program requirement is a Master's degree in the corresponding field of study).
  • TWO LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION from persons familiar with the student's academic background.
    This requirement is in compliance with the Articles 89 and 90 of Act No. 111/98 Coll. - The Higher Education Act of the Czech Republic and it is required to complete the process of the recognition before applying to study. An acknowledgement of the previous education is an essential condition for the PhD admission process. More information about this nostrification (together with an Application for the recognition of foreign education in the Czech Republic) can be found here.

How to apply

Fill in the electronical application.

Application submission date

The application will be open from 1 September 2020 to 30 November 2020.

Admission procedure fees

Every applicant has to fill the electronical application.

Entrance examinations and dates

If not limited by the terms of the specific study programme, the entrance examinations are organised in December. The student is required to pass the entrance examination in the appropriate degree program at Masaryk University in person; if this is not possible, the evaluation will be made on the basis of skype call held in English.

What happens after you apply

Once you have filled the application form and paid the fee, do inform the International Office so their officers can download your application and send it to the right study program's admission committee. Do not forget to manage the recognition of your previous education in cooperation with the Rectorate's Office for Studies directly. This procedure can take some time (months) to be completed.

Sometimes, Masaryk University does not offer the same study program as the applicant had studied. In this case, the applicant has to apply for recognition at other Czech universities that run the same study program. The Rectorate's Office for Studies of Masaryk University can help the applicant to find the right Czech university.

In the admission process, you can obtain a maximum of 100 points. To be accepted you have to receive at least 80 points. Your presentation during the exam is evaluated by an admission committee, however, the final decision has to be done by the dean of faculty. If the result is "accepted", the International Office prepares acceptation documents and let them sign by the dean. After that, the documents are sent directly to the applicant. In the case of a visa application, acceptation documents are required for the procedure.

Open Day

Faculty of Medicine does not organize special Open Days for prospective doctoral students but they are welcome to visit our faculty during Open Days for prospective Bachelor or Master students (see here) or it is possible to come to the International Office after prior arrangement. For further information please contact Mr. Petr Bures from International Office (

Life in Czech Republic

We recommend you to read the amendment to the Act on Residence of Foreign Nationals' in the Territory of the Czech Republic (which has entered into force on January 1, 2011) and follow its regulations.

Life expenses

It is necessary to come to Czech Republic with at least 20 000 CZK (€ 800) for life expenses in the first month of stay.


Applicant that needs visa to get to Czech Republic has to have a health insurance at minimum for the first year of study by one of Czech insurance companies mentioned bellow. Without the insurance he/she cannot apply for visa. The other applicants, that do not need visa, are recommended to get the insurance as well.
Students from European Union have to visit VZP (the first company mentioned in the list of insurance companies in the Czech Republic bellow) and show them her/his insurance card from her/his country. The company will prepare a czech insurance card for foreigners.

Possible insurance companies are:

  1. VZP
  2. Maxima
  3. Slavia
  4. Uniqa
  5. Viktoria Volksbanken
  6. Inter Partner Assistance (AXA)

The Czech health insurance costs around 15 000 CZK (€ 600) per year.


Mgr. Petr Bureš

International Postgraduate Studies, Admission procedure, Exchange programmes

Phone: +420 549 49 3278