How to submit a project

  1. Are you preparing a project and do you intend to apply for financial support? Please, contact our team.
  2. We will consult the project plan with you and propose the possibility of submitting the application to one of the grant schemes.
  3. In cooperation with you, we will prepare a proposal for the project, which must get through the faculty approval process. Afterwards, we will guide you through the preparation and submission of the project application. We will assist you with the necessary administrative steps.
  4. We monitor the status of submitted project applications and ongoing evaluation results.
  5. Provided that the project is recommended for funding, we will guide you through the entire process leading to the start of project implementation (signature of the grant or consortium agreement, changes in the project, personnel and economic agenda of the project, etc.).
  6. In the course of the implementation of the project, we provide administrative and methodological support aimed at smooth running and the fulfilment of the project outputs.