da MEDici Art Competition: Proceeds of the Auction are Known and We Have a Calendar!

Students and graduates of the Faculty of Medicine MU, as well as the general public, took part in the virtual auction of artworks from the da MEDici art competition, which brought a wonderful result of 34,300 CZK. We also created a gorgeous wall calendar from the Faculty of Medicine, MU from selected artworks.

21 Dec 2021

The first charity auction of artworks associated with the Faculty of Medicine of Masaryk University brings a really beautiful amount of CZK 34,300 to support the construction of the Memorial for Body Donors, which will be created at the Central Cemetery in Brno as a thank you and respect for those who decided to donate their body for quality education of Anatomy at our faculty and, among other things, also point out the very possibility of donating bodies. All 49 works that we received from our students, graduates, and employees as part of the call for participation in the art competition went to the auction. We presented all the works of art in the corridor of the Bohunice University Campus at a ceremonial opening connected with the beginning of the new academic year. Here we also started voting for the most popular works.

The auction itself managed to reach not only students and graduates of the MU Faculty of Medicine but also the general public. Together, we look forward to the fact that medical topics can make everyone happy. From the thirteen works that were voted as the most popular, we have prepared a wall calendar of the Faculty of Medicine, Masaryk University for the year 2022. On the title page of the calendar, you will find the work of the absolute winner Viktória Vysoká entitled Heart - the root of life. This work was auctioned for the highest amount: 4,000 CZK!

Thank you to everyone who took part in the competition itself and was not afraid to show off their talent and relationship to studies. Thanks to everyone who voted and helped decide on the final form of the calendar. And we thank all those who decided to contribute to a good cause and until the last possible moment engaged in a virtual battle in the most beautiful form possible.

We offer the calendar for sale for 199 CZK at the Communication and External Relations Office, you can contact Mrs. Jana Dvořáková or Ing. Jana Majerová. They are happy to arrange a possible handover.

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