Eating for Two: Dietitian Students are Helping Pregnant Women with Their Diets

Very poor availability of quality educational materials and a flood of unfounded information on nutrition. These are the main reasons that led the 2nd year students of the of the Dietitian Bachelor's study programme to launch the project called Eating for Two. This project aims to make it easier for pregnant and breastfeeding women to be well informed on how to maintain a proper diet. 

26 Apr 2021

Diet is one of the basic factors that affect both the health of pregnant or breastfeeding women and their children. Despite this fact, gynaecologists currently do not have any quality informative materials on nutrition available to offer to women. The students of the 2nd year of the Bachelor's study programme of Dietitian - Alžběta Duchoňová, Tomáš Konečný, Šárka Lindovská and Helena Vaclová - noticed this and decided to take matters into their own hands. 

The students started their activity by launching an Instagram profile Jím za dva (@jimzadva, English: "Eating for Two"), where they plan to post regularly, aiming to educate pregnant women about nutrients, the composition of a diet or risky foods. They want to continue by publishing materials and brochures intended for printing and subsequent distribution to gynaecological clinics. 

The incentive for launching the project was the Angelini University Award (AUA!) The competition was organised by Angelini Pharma, which is called "Better nutrition, better health" this year, and they entered their project. Part of the competition team is also Mgr. Martin Krobot from the Department of Public Health, FM MU, who provides a professional guarantee for the project. 

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