Invitation to online CEBHC-KT Webinar

Please accept the invitation to the CEBHC-KT Lecture Morning - "project activities of the Czech National Centre for Evidence-Based Healthcare and Knowledge Translation at Masaryk University". 

15 Apr 2021

Date of the event

The event will take place online via ZOOM video conferencing application on Tuesday, 27th April from 9:00 - 11:40

The Czech National Centre for Evidence-Based Healthcare and Knowledge Translation (CEBHC-KT) is supported by three important international pillars (Cochrane Czech Republic, Czech Centre for Evidence-Based Healthcare: JBI Centre of Excellence and GRADE Centre of Masaryk University) and as an educational and research facility of Masaryk University, it is anchored to the Faculty of Medicine at the Institute of Biostatistics and Analyses, where it was founded three years ago. 

What awaits you?

The lecture morning is conceived as a webinar on the topic of CEBHC-KT projects at MUNI that have started or that are in the process of implementation, also with international activity and in cooperation with several other institutions and institutes.

Presentations of CEBHC-KT activities are primarily intended for MUNI employees, DSP students, clinical personnel, researchers and scientists interested in Evidence-Based Healthcare, which is growing in importance not only in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic.

You will find out the content of specific projects (in some cases it is also possible to actively participate) and you will have the opportunity to meet the management of CEBHC-KT and its new employees via screen.

The lecture morning will be hosted in Czech language, as well as the individual presentations. An exception is the section of Dr. Hussain and Dr. Riad.

We are looking forward to seeing you,
Andrea Pokorná, Jitka Klugarová a Miloslav Klugar


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