Medical student Dominika Rieglová helps in the Department of Infectious Diseases at the University Hospital Brno

Dominika Rieglová, who is a student at the Faculty of Medicine and in her 5th year, shared her experiences with working in a hospital during mandatory work duty imposed by the Government of the Czech Republic. She has been working since the quarantine began in the Czech Republic.

19 Apr 2020

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Dominika mainly goes to help during night shifts. There are three other female medics all in their 6th year working at the Department of Infectious Diseases at the Faculty Hospital in Brno. "They are very clever; they are able to study for their state exams and still attend the mandatory work duty. It’s a bit harder for me to learn. I have the time, but I don’t have much motivation since I do not have my exam dates yet. Sometimes I read, but usually, I prefer to relax or cook at home" says Dominika.

She appreciates that it is a great experience for her: "Although I mainly work with paramedics and nurses, sometimes I get to see the doctors too. I have a chance to try out many things and get an idea of how the clinic operates. I’m learning things which I wouldn’t normally see during lessons." She appreciates that she can discuss diagnoses with doctors, gain valuable experience and information, and doesn’t have to worry about much else. She would like to thank everyone who has taught and explained everything to her.

"I like the fact that the local staff still maintains a positive spirit, there is no nervousness and everything is always solved with the greatest possible peace, despite the situation outside," adds Dominika Rieglová.

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