SIMU and a First-Year Student Experience – the Whole New Level of Education!

In this autumn term, SIMU has become an essential part of teaching for students of general medicine and dentistry. There is no doubt that SIMU is a motivating factor not only for our potential students to sign up but also for our current students who appreciate the existence of the biggest medical simulation centre in middle Europe very much. This time, we interviewed Jan Hlavica, a student of the first year at FM. We asked about his understanding of SIMU, how important role SIMU played for him when choosing a school and what his expectations are.

16 Nov 2020

What is your study year at FM? And what do you study?
I am a first-year student at general medicine study programme.

Was SIMU the reason why to study at FM MU?
Absolutely, SIMU was one of the main reasons why I gave my priority to the Faculty of Medicine in Brno over the Faculty of Medicine in Olomouc.

Why are you interested in medicine? What specialization would you like to focus on?
I have always been interested in body functioning from everyday physiological effects as sneezing or singing to effects on a microscopic level. This is probably the main reason why I chose medicine. I have not made my choice about my future specialization yet. First of all, I need to find out what they include but surgery, neurology or immunology are very attractive to me. So, in future, I hope to become a specialist in one of these medical fields.

Your courses in SIMU have been running for some time. Can you remember your first opportunity when you tried simulation medicine? What is your experience like?
My first experience was within the first aid which runs every two weeks and opens the opportunity to try basic lifesaving techniques and skills. These actions are practised on simulators as well as on virtual patients. I have been very excited about this teaching and I appreciate receiving practical skills. And I am looking forward to visiting SIMU within anatomy where we will work with MRI and computed tomography scans which will provide us with another insight of a human body structure.

Before signing up at our faculty, what was your expectation in connection with SIMU? Can you imagine your study at the Medical Faculty without SIMU?
Before having the opportunity to get to know SIMU, I liked the simulation centre from pictures very much. SIMU has absolutely exceeded my expectations. Nowadays, as a medical student, I can appreciate this modern, spacious institution. As a bonus, there is a resting point where we can relax and spend some time together with other students. The more time I spend here, the more I realize, I cannot imagine my study at FM without SIMU.
It raises our education to a whole new level.

What do you expect from SIMU?
Probably, the best possible preparation for reality in hospitals. Far more opportunities to try team cooperation or to experience realistic situations which can happen in normal operation in hospitals. Lecturers having more time for students because of no hospital run disruption and at the same time, students having more time to train.

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