With Food to Health. Dietitians from the Faculty of Medicine MU Opened a Faculty Surgery.

Obesity, food allergies, digestive problems, diabetes, or special diets resulting from different diseases. Dietitians from the Faculty of Medicine of Masaryk University will advise people on how to deal with health issues by means of maintaining a correct diet.

2 Sep 2021

From September, the first faculty dietitian surgery NutriMUNI opens for public. The surgery is located on the premises of University Campus Bohunice in Brno. One of the goals of the surgery is to spread awareness about the healthcare profession of dietitian as an important partner during the treatment of diseases.

“We offer professional services from university-educated healthcare personnel, which is the main difference compared to many other nutrition counsellors, who advise the public about health while not even having to complete a weekend course. Our consultancy is based mainly on current scientific researches and recommended medical procedures. We do not want to prescribe our patients any diets, we want to teach them to work with the foods.” stated the Head of the surgery Martin Krobot from the Department of Public Health of FM MU.

The four-member team of NutriMUNI surgery consists of the academic staff of the Department of Public Health FM MU. Despite being a faculty workplace, the surgery is open to both students and the general public. It is aimed at everyone, who is seeking help with adjusting their diet or lifestyle. At the same time, the surgery focuses on clients with various health issues and diagnoses, such as oncological diseases, diseases of the digestive tract, food allergies and many more. It also offers consultancy services for children.

 “The surgery is also a place, where our students of Dietetics will come into close contact with practice directly at the faculty. Thanks to the surgery we can offer students of Dietetics even better conditions for professional growth. The surgery is also an opportunity for our employees to develop their field in terms of research,” said the Head of the Department of Public Health FM MU Michal Koščík.

The surgery is also unique in Brno due to accessibility to a machine used for measurement of resting energy expenditure. “It is the minimal amount of energy, which the organism releases in resting-state to ensure the functionality of all organs, for example, heart, lungs, brain, kidneys or muscles. For this reason, it is important that the client is calm during the measurement, both physically and mentally. Based on the results, we can adjust the amount and composition of the food better, with regard to the current health status of the client and the speed of their metabolism.” added Martin Krobot.

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