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Dear colleagues, Ladies and Gentlemen,

we are approaching the end of the year that no one expected by this time last year. We were highly exposed to tests, problems, stress all year round. It's time to throw it all away and prepare for the Christmas time and expect a new year to come, which will hopefully be more auspicious than 2020. At the same time, a year-time period of my position as Dean passed. Despite all the obstacles, I believe we have managed to improve a number of processes and activities at our faculty. Hard days this year have also opened up a number of critical points and it is time to change them.

Let's all take that as a lesson. We should not expect our problems and our work to be managed by anyone else. Thanks to this crisis, which we have all gone through without exception, we can together actively enter into all the processes that can be influenced and try to improve them at all levels. Does it sound like a cliché from recent times? Now, we have a chance to change things, so let's do it! Our faculty has shown its strong position and only by joint strength, productivity and activity will we maintain it in the future.

Thank you for the entire management of the Faculty of Medicine MU for your work and efforts to maintain and improve teaching, research, clinical work and administrative activities. I wish you Merry Christmas and joyful moments spent surrounded by your loved ones. I wish you time for your hobbies and for relief, and, most importantly, I wish you peace and time for contemplation.

Yours, Martin Repko

The execution of the FM MU Dean’s Program Statement

From November, the second year commenced for prof. MUDr. Martin Repko, Ph.D. as the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Masaryk University. He summarized his first year’s work in a presentation at a meeting of the AS FM MU. We bring you a summary of the Dean's activities in his first year in office. The complete report will soon be available on the Faculty's website.

Recently happened at our faculty

Reverence for body donors at MF MU: Fundraising for a memorial and a virtual concert

As part of the reverence for body donors at the Department of Anatomy MF MU, we announced a call to participate in two unique projects. Firstly, in cooperation with the Medical Students’ Association of the Medical Faculty of Masaryk University, a fundraiser was announced for the Body Donors Memorial, which will be built at the Central Cemetery in Brno. Anyone with an artistic soul is also invited to upload a recording to be included in a virtual concert, submissions for which will be taken until 10th December. The concert will be published on last Advent Sunday, 20th December, but for now, you can listen to the currently published songs individually.

The Dean and student representatives commemorated the events of November 1939 and 1989 at the place of reverence in the area of Kounicova Halls of Residence

On 17th November 2020, the Dean of the Faculty, Martin Repko, met with representatives of the Medical Students’ Association FM MU,  Student's Chamber of Academic Senate FM MU and representatives of the Brno branch of IFMSA to commemorate the Day of the Struggle for Freedom and Democracy and International Students Day.

Representatives of the FM MU Management held a discussion with student representatives

The Faculty of Medicine is a professional Faculty and takes pride in the quality training of medical staff. The past months have been hectic, to say the least, especially so for our students. They have overcome many challenges associated with balancing work duties while simultaneously fulfilling their duties as students of the Faculty of Medicine. The Dean prof. MUDr. Martin Repko, PhD, therefore called a meeting of representatives of the Student Chamber of the Academic Senate at FM MU and representatives of associations to discuss the problem of work duty and the quality of distance studying. The Vice-Dean for the Clinical aspects of studies, prof. MUDr. Petr Štourač, PhD, and the Head of the Student Administration Department, RNDr. Ivana Pánková were also in attendance.

Dean Repko reiterated that the management’s priority is to preserve the teaching of clinical courses and the delivery of quality practical experiences. Vice-Dean Štourač explained the role of the Medical Faculty in relation to the South Moravian region and its medical facilities. He also made an appeal to students to contact him in the event of an atypical situation. From the position of the coordinator, he will take care of individual cases. Students also raised a concern with inconsistent levels of quality in education provided to them between clinics. In addition, Students raised a further concern that parties appeared disinterested in the delivery of education offered to them within FM MU. In response to these concerns, the Dean promised an active approach and solution. Both bodies consider these meetings to be of high importance and have agreed to hold regular sessions and discussions regarding the quality of education.

Long-term Plan for the Faculty of Medicine MU

Evaluation of the Long-term Plan for the Faculty of Medicine MU Through the Period 2016-2020

This year, the long-term plan of the Faculty of Medicine MU for the period 2016-2020 comes to an end. During this period, the faculty focused on and evaluated itself in the following areas:

  1. Updating the education of pre-clinical courses of the General Medicine study program at FM MU
  2. Updating the education of clinical courses of the General Medicine study program at FM MU
  3. Improvement in the quality of education within Dentistry study program at FM MU
  4. Competitive non-medical study programs at FM MU
  5. Improving the quality of doctoral studies at FM MU
  6. Support of Science and Research at FM MU
  7. Quality Administrative work, Economics, and Management
  8. Functioning Legal relations

In total, 62 individual goals were achieved. 55% of these goals were fully achieved, 27% were partially achieved. 18% of the strategic goals were not achieved or could not be evaluated. Faculty authorities would like to thank everyone who was involved in the implementation of these strategic goals and those who helped develop our Faculty in the past years.

Long-term Plan for the Faculty of Medicine MU for the Period 2021-2028

In parallel to the preparation of the MU Strategic Plan, a long-term plan for the Faculty of Medicine for the period of 2021-2028 is in development. The length of the period was not decided at random, but rather, it reflects the length of the plans for the University. Faculty authorities are currently holding meetings to discuss the long-term plan, which is being prepared for seven strategic priorities. Individual goals will be prepared in December for debates taking pace in January. In January 2021 we will also present the first draft of these plans to the Heads of Clinics. Further debates will be taking place in Spring.

Actually happens

Within the first two months of opening, SIMU has been visited by total of 1450 students!

In the first week of October this year, regular education started at SIMU. The first ones to visit the Simulation Centre were first-year students of both Czech and English taught study programmes of General Medicine and Dentistry. During this semester, the students will attend their completely innovated first aid training courses here.

Director of the centre prof. MUDr. Petr Štourač, PhD adds that this fact already shows very well how important including simulation medicine in the curriculum of both General Medicine and Dentistry study programs is. 

Faculty of Medicine MU Podcast: STETOSKOP

In June of this year, our faculty launched the first Masaryk University podcast series ever. We started the pilot episode in collaboration with our current students and dedicated it to our newcomer students. Guests from the ranks of students, recent graduates and even academics shared the podcast microphone. The academics we questioned were a specialist in gynaecology – doc. Vít Weinberg and an expert in forensic medicine prof. Miroslav Hirt. Although the podcast is primarily in Czech, we also published a story in English. A story of Michael Vladimír Fiedler in particular, a fifth-year student of General Medicine at our faculty. We are currently planning on publishing more episodes in English. Therefore, we are open for suggestions of guests (, who could also help us set the English episodes in motion. 

The University Blood Donation Cup

On Wednesday 2nd December, the Memorandum of Cooperation between the Statutory City of Brno and the MU Faculty of Medicine was approved. Following this Memorandum FM MU became a partner of the “4,5 dl for life” donor event and, under the patronage of Dean Martin Repko, the University Blood Donation Cup* has been organized. As part of last year’s successful “100 litrů krve DÍKY MUNI” we managed to bring together students, employees, graduates and supporters of Masaryk University, who collectively contributed a vast number of donations. The aim of the new project is to motivate the entire academic community throughout all of Brno’s universities, and their supporters, to get involved by donating blood and, through our joint efforts, help in obtaining a life-saving gift.

The selflessness of one is the victory of all. Together we can achieve more!

*The English web version is being processed.

Office for Quality informs

Invitation to discussion: Prepared Long-term Plan of the Faculty of Medicine, MU 2021-2028, in the key areas Science and Research and Doctoral Studies

Come to discuss the topic to the meeting will take place on 15 December 2020 in lecture room B11 / 114, it is also possible to join via MS Teams.
The discussion will be divided into two thematic blocks, you can participate at the discretion of one or both meetings:
1. Doctoral studies - 13:30 - 15:00
2. Science and research, Academic environment - 15:30 - 17:00

The format of the meeting will be a moderated discussion, the outputs will be taken into account in the prepared version of the long-term plan of the Medical Faculty of Masaryk University. For more information please contact Mgr. Jana Sedláková.

Faculty of Medicine on the way to get the HR Award

The Faculty of Medicine has completed the preparatory work for obtaining the prestigious European HR Excellence in Research Award certificate and sent a comprehensive Gap analysis and an Action Plan for 2021-27 to the evaluators of the European Commission. The project aims to support the research environment and career development of researchers. We thank all employees who participated in the preparations. We invite all researchers to cooperate in the next period of implementation. For more information, please contact Mgr. Petra Voráčová, MBA.


Children's Group with subsidised tuition

Group for children of Faculty of Medicine employees is now ready to communicate also in English and children of foreigners aged 18-36 months can apply. The address is Rybnická 48, right next to the trolleybus stop No. 25 (4 min. from the Bohunice Campus). Opening hours are 7.00 - 17.00.

The operator is the network of CHG and kindergarten Elánek. More info in English: Lucie Polášková,

You can find the application in English HERE.

Final report from the questionnaire survey of FM MU 2020

Thank you for participating in the FM MU 2020 employee survey, that was conducted this spring in connection with the long-term intention of the FM MU to support a professional, open and ethical work environment and to apply for obtaining the prestigious European HR Excellence in Research Award certificate. The results confirmed and completed the outputs of almost 100 workplaces meetings carried out last year by the HR Award team, and that brought more than 600 suggestions for improvement. We are pleased that many of the suggestions received have been resolved on an ongoing basis…

Personnel Office informs

The Human Resources Department of the FM MU would like to note that in connection with the amendment to the Labour Code effective from 31st July 2020, the employer is obliged to keep a record of delivery address of their employees in order to facilitate sending labour law documents.

We therefore ask employees who have not done so yet to provide the delivery address: using an electronic application in INET contacting the HR officer of the corresponding workplace:

Information on changes in the monitoring of leave entitlement

In connection to the amendment to the Labour Code, effective from 1st January 2021, there are changes concerning leave pursuant to Section 211 et seq.

The main changes are:

  • Leave entitlement will be calculated and recorded in hours.
  • The calculation of the leave entitlement has undergone minor technical changes. The main change concerns the calculation in case of change of an employee's time.
  • These adjustments will not be reflected in the method of requesting leave, the employee will continue to request days off.
  • You can easily find out the number of days off as a quotient of the annual leave entitlement in hours and the agreed daily working hours.
  • The payslip will include the leave entitlement and the leave used for the year 2021 in hours. If the employee has leave entitlement available for 2020, it will be stated in days.
  • The obligation to exhaust the entire right to leave for the relevant calendar year remains in force - Article 23 of the Dean's Directive of the Faculty of Medicine, Masaryk University No. 5/2019 "On the rights and obligations of employees and the organization of work at the Faculty of Medicine, Masaryk University.

Educational Portal

Since November, the Faculty of Medicine has been offering its employees access to online educational courses on the portal as part of a trial running for one year, with a limited number of licenses available. The administrator of the faculty account is the Human Resources department. The officers to contact in case of queries are Bc. Jaroslava Páleníková and Mgr. Gabriela Tomaštíková. Licenses are intended for regular employees of FM MU. The choice of courses is up to the employees and their needs. There is a requirement for the licensees, which is the active use of the portal that we will monitor. If the employee does not actively use the portal within a period of 2 months, his license will be terminated on the ground of mutual agreement and offered to other colleagues who did not get access. The announced capacity of the licenses has been filled, but in case of interest in you can still sign up as a substitute, using this link. Due to the great interest, we are also currently considering the possibility of expanding the capacity of licenses.

Benefit for employees: MultiSport card


Employees have been informed via the MUNI Newsletter For Employees, sent out on 27th November 2020, about a new benefit. More information can be found via this link. In case of interest or any questions, employees can get in touch with Ing. Jaroslava Stanková.

Recommended articles

Thu 10 Dec 2020

Exceptional success of scientists of the Institute of Biology FM MU 

Three scientists from our Institute of Biology noted a significant success of their publication.

Wed 9 – Thu 31 Dec 2020

Czech European Researchers' Night 

The topic of this year’s Researcher’s Night is “Humans and Robots”. Up until the end of the year you can discover parts of our faculty’s unique and modern Simulation centre that has welcomed its’ first students this year. Alternatively, you can also attend selected parts of the Anatomy and Medical biology lectures.

Thu 19 Nov 2020

Deelan Vadher, an international student of our faculty, received the SKAS MU award 

The Student Chamber of the MU Academic Senate prizes for student participation in teaching were awarded for the seventh year. Individuals who are both students and teachers are awarded for quality pedagogical activities.

Mon 16 Nov 2020

SIMU and a First-Year Student Experience – the Whole New Level of Education! 

In this autumn term, SIMU has become an essential part of teaching for students of general medicine and dentistry. There is no doubt that SIMU is a motivating factor not only for our potential students to sign up but also for our current students who appreciate the existence of the biggest medical simulation centre in middle Europe very much. This time, we interviewed Jan Hlavica, a student of the first year at FM. We asked about his understanding of SIMU, how important role SIMU played for him when choosing a school and what his expectations are.

Sun 20 Sep 2020

Doctor Eva Klabusayová, The First Lecturer in SIMU 

Doctor Eva Klabusayová was the first lecturer who opened the teaching in the Simulation Center at FM MU (SIMU). She works at the Clinic of pediatric anesthesiology and resuscitation in FH Brno and at the Faculty of Medicine MU where she not only teaches but also studies Anesthesiology, Intensive Medicine and Pain Management PhD study programme within she focuses on delirium at pediatric patients.

Fri 2 Oct 2020

The 90th Anniversary of Professor Emeritus Ivo Hrazdira D.Sc., M.D. 

October the 3rd marked the 90th anniversary of professor emeritus Ivo Hrazdira D.Sc., M.D., at the Faculty of Medicine MU. A small ceremony was held under the auspices of the FM MU on 1st October 2020. The Dean of the faculty, professor Martin Repko Ph.D., M.D., joined with his personal wish of sound health as well.

Fri 2 Oct 2020

Research Results of the Department of Histology and Embryology MF MU Published in Stem Cell Journal 

The scientific group from the Department of Histology and Embryology MF MU headed by Tomáš Bárta M.Sc., PhD deals with retinal organoids. Their results have been published in the Stem Cells recently, which is one of the most prestigious journals in this field of study.

Mon 21 Sep 2020

The First Research Groups at MF MU Set Up by the Department of Biology 

The emergence of research groups happened as a result of new steps supporting the development and the role of science at the Faculty of Medicine MU formed under Directive 4/2020 of the MF MU of 8th June 2020 defined as Research Groups at the MF MU.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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