14 th call for research projects within the ERA-NET JPIAMR-ACTION

“Disrupting drug Resistance Using Innovative Design” DRUID

1 Feb 2022

The DRUID Call aims to improve the treatment of bacterial and fungal infections (including coinfection) and/or the prevention of the emergence/spread of resistance in humans, animals or plants through the improvement of the efficacy, specificity, delivery, combinations and/or repurposing of drugs and plant protection agents.

Who can apply:

CZ: universities, public research institutes and/or another entities classified as research organisations.
(More specification in national rules of each participating country.)

Eligible countries: Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom

Eligibility rules for the consortia are:

  • The consortium must include a minimum of three (3) eligible partners asking for funding from three (3) different eligible countries (including at least two amongst EU Member States or Associated Countries).
  • The consortium can include a maximum of six (6) project partners (including non-funded partners). The maximum number of partners can be increased to seven (7) if at least a partner from an under-represented country (including LMICs) or a company is included in the consortium.

Duration of the grant:

max. 3 years


Each country will fund its own approved project partners.
CZ allocation: 500.000 €

The aid intensity for activities carried out by a research organisation might be at the level of 100 % (100 % for fundamental/basic research activities, 50 % for applied research activities and 25 % for experimental development activities)


Opening: 11. 1. 2022
Deadline (pre-proposals): 8. 3. 2022
Full proposal invitations: 30. 6. 2022
Deadline (full proposals): 5. 7. 2022
Publication of results: 18. 11. 2022

Topics of the call:

Your proposal should focus on licenced antimicrobial agents(antibiotics/antifungals) or agents under pre-clinical and/or early clinical development, and should address at least one of the following topics:

  • Improvement of drug/plant protection agent efficacy and/or specificity through chemical modifications (including hit to lead optimisation);
  • Drug/plant protection agent repurposing;
  • Optimisation of drug/plant protection agent combinations, alone or with adjunct therapies (including therapeutic vaccines);
  • Design and implementation of new strategies (including optimisation of drug doses) for improved application, efficacy and delivery of single or combinations of antimicrobials;
  • Design and implementation of innovative tools, including novel chemistry and/or new materials for improved application, efficacy and delivery of antimicrobials.

Your proposal can include the development of new mathematical models, optimisation of antimicrobial combinations and/or conditions for clinical/agricultural use, or treatment protocols based on combination therapy, personalised medicine and PK/PD. Studies may include companion diagnostics in the optimisation of treatment strategies.

Type of studies/ experimental approaches:

  • In silico, in vitro, in vivo and/or
  • Preclinical and clinical studies in human and in all veterinary settings, and/or
  • Studies in crop/plant settings, including field studies

Eligible costs:

  • Personal costs
  • Consumables
  • Equipment
  • Indirect costs

Call text MEYS information


The Project Support Department offers the opportunity to promote the expertise of LF MU departments by uploading information to the Crowdhelix portal in relation to this or future calls. Crowdhelix is a platform that enables the creation of links between research institutes and innovative companies by publishing offers/requests for expertise for joint international projects.

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