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Investigations of human gamma-delta T cells: a new candidate for novel antiviral and antitumour immunotherapy (Gammadelta T cells)

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7/2013 - 6/2016
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South-Moravian Region
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Faculty of Medicine

This project is focused on detailed characterization of antiviral and antitumour reactivity of effector gamma-delta (γδ) T cell populations both in healthy cytomegalovirus (CMV) seropositive donors and in patients with monoclonal gammopathy (MG). We have published results documenting prominent anti-CMV reactivity of γδ T cells in patients following stem cell transplantation (Knight et al., 2010). In addition, our robust pilot data (Knight et al., 2012) describing potent cytotoxicity of γδ T cells against primary plasma cells predicts that the innate immune responses are gradually deregulated in patients progressing from MGUS to MM but the specific role of γδ T cells in this process is unknown. We plan 1. Phenotypic analysis of γδ T cell populations in peripheral blood and matched bone marrow samples in MG patient cohorts and make comparison with healthy donors; 2. Functional analysis of γδ T cell anti-CMV and anti-myeloma reactivity (including cytotoxicity, proliferation, apoptosis and cytokine secretion); 3. Molecular analysis of gamma and delta chains of the TCR in expanded populations in healthy donors and MG patients. Our results will ultimately lead to better understanding of anti-CMV and antimyeloma reactivity of γδ T cells that could be explored in the future immunotherapy.


Total number of publications: 10

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