Immunogenetics in the Next Generation Sequencing era: Deciphering the pathogenetic mechanisms in lymphoproliferative disorders


This project doesn't include Faculty of Medicine. It includes Central European Institute of Technology. Official project website can be found on

Project Identification
GJ19-23424Y (kod CEP: GJ19-23424Y)
Project Period
1/2019 - 12/2020
Investor / Pogramme / Project type
Czech Science Foundation
MU Faculty or unit
Central European Institute of Technology

Immunogenetic sequence analysis has proven to be a powerful tool in basic research aimed at identifying the mechanisms and processes underlying lymphomagenesis. The emergence of high-throughput amplicon sequencing methodologies offers the opportunity to delve deeper into the molecular analysis of antigen receptor gene repertoires and, thus, acquire a clearer perspective into the natural history of lymphomas. On the other hand, the accumulation of vast amount of data requires state-of-the-art bioinformatics tools and experienced handling to ensure proper manipulation and interpretation.
On these grounds, our incentive is to expertly apply these methodologies to further elucidate the mechanisms and processes underlying the ontogeny T-LGL leukemia and systemic ALCL, with obvious implications for refined understanding, classification and, eventually, management of these disorders.


Total number of publications: 2

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