Myb, Fos, Jun and retinoid receptor protein interactions in anti-leukemic processes


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1/1998 - 1/2000
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Czech Science Foundation
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Faculty of Science

Malignant transformation results from a genetical changes interfering with a complex signal network, which in healthy cells controls processes of diferentiation, proliferation and death to maintain homeostasis. Understanding of the role of key regulators in this network and their interactions is an important step in creation of powerful anti-tumor therapies. Proteins Myb, Jun, Fos a retinoid receptors belong to this group and we wish to determine the role they play in regulation of differentiation and p roliferation of leukemic cells. The project is designed to get information on anti-tumor activities of varios retinoids in leukemic cells, on the effects of Myb, RAR and RXR protein interactions for their DNA-binding - and transactivation abilities, on t he genes which are controled by retinoid receptors and mediate the function of retinoid ligands. In addition the project includes the methods to explore the function of Fos and Jun proteins in regulation of hematopoietic differentiation and their interac


Total number of publications: 15

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