Intrathecal Administration of FluoroRuby and its Relation to the Neuroinflammatory Reaction in the Rat Spinal Nerve Roots of Neuropathic Pain Model



Year of publication 2012
Type Conference abstract
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Faculty of Medicine

Description There is an evidence that demyelinization occurs in the rat spinal nerve roots (SNR) of neuropathic pain model. It gives the background for hypothetic diffusion of neuroinflammatory mediators from liquor to the SNR. In our experiments we used intrathecally administered FluoroRuby (FR) to trace penetration of molecules from subarachnoid space to SNR. Twelve adult male rats (Wistar, 200-250 g) were divided into chronic constriction injury group (Group A) (n=7), sham-operated group (Group B) (n=2) and intact group (Group C) (n=3). For surgery, animals were deeply anesthetized and three ligatures were applied on left sciatic nerve (group A). After 3 days, FR was applicated into subarachnoid space in lumbar segments and the animals were left to survive for 18-20 hours. In sham operated rats the left sciatic nerve was only separated (Group B). After 3 days, the animals were reanesthetized and FR was applied into subarachnoid space at the level of lumbar segments, then rats were left to survive for 24 hours. Intact rats (group C) were deeply anesthetized and FR was intrathecally applied and rats were left to survive for 24 hours. Then, the animals were deeply anesthetized with a lethal dose of sodium pentobarbital, perfused transcardially and the SNR connected with dorsal root ganglia of lumbar (L4-L5) and cervical (C7-C8) segments were removed and fixed overnight. The distribution of FR was observed in fluorescent microscope. The strong red fluorescence in dorsal and ventral spinal nerve root indicated diffusion of FR from liquor into the SNR. The particles of dextran were found in both lumbar and cervical SNR of each group. In addition, the ipsilateral lumbal SNR of group A displayed the FR loaded cells which can be connected with neuroinflammatory reaction in SNR.
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