Dopravní nehody v soudním lékařství a soudním inženýrství

Title in English Traffic accidents in forensic medicine and forensic engineering


Year of publication 2012
Type Monograph
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Medicine

Description As the name suggests, monograph is broadly discussing issues of traffic accidents both from the medical point of view, and from the view of technical engineering. Only using both of these approaches a comprehensively insight into this complex subject can be obtained. The book gives a detailed list of injuries, which can be accounted at traffic accidents in the broadest sense of meaning. Variability of such injuries is large and they can affect any part of the human body; we can say „from head to toe“, from being entirely banal to fatal injuries. In the frequency scale, injuries are listed from the most common, to the rare or unusual ones. Injuries are classified according to the type of vehicle that caused the accident, moving both on the ground (two-wheelers, cars, trucks, rail vehicles, animals in transport) and in air (propeller and jet aireraft, helicopters, gliders, parachutes). Another division is focused on the place where the injured person at the time of the accident was located (pedestrians, crew of the transport vehicle), and their relative position. Accurately specified is the possibility of injury to the individual parts of the body at specific types of traffic accidents. For each injury the causes and mechanism of its formation are described. For better clarity numerous diagrams and sketches are attached. A separate chapter is given to the problems related to alcohol, medicines and drugs in the traffic. It includes forensic laboratory methods used to determine the cause and course of traffic accidents and also aspects of the criminal law and activities of judge advocates at the site accident. The publication includes a glossary of technical and medical terms, including a small index. The book is designed primarily for professionals clarifying the causes, mechanisms and consequences of accidents, with emphasis on the aspect of forensic medicine or forensic engineering. However, the monograph can be useful to anyone who has an interest in the subject, and who wants to expand his knowledge, whether he is pre-and post -graduate student of medical and law faculties, technical universities, student of police schools and even a layman for whom the publication is „lightened“ with a rich set of case reports given in a simple and under-standable form.

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