Osteogenic potential of the transcription factor c-MYB

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Year of publication 2017
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Calcified Tissue International
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Science

Doi http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s00223-016-0219-2
Field Genetics and molecular biology
Keywords mineralised matrix; micromass cultures; mouse limbs; osteogenesis; PCR Array
Description Our previous findings showed the presence of c-MYB in intramembranous bones and its involvement in the chondrogenic steps of endochondral ossification, where the up-regulation of early chondrogenic markers after c-myb overexpression was observed. Since we previously detected c-MYB in osteoblasts, we aimed to analyse the localisation of c-MYB during later stages of endochondral bone formation and address its function during bone matrix production. c-MYB-positive cells were found in the chondro-osseous junction zone in osteoblasts of trabecular bone as well as deeper in the zone of ossification in cells of spongy bone. To experimentally evaluate the osteogenic potential of c-MYB during endochondral bone formation, micromasses derived from embryonic mouse limb buds were established. Nuclear c-MYB protein expression was observed in long-term micromasses, especially in the areas around nodules. c-myb overexpression induced the expression of osteogenic-related genes such as Bmp2, Comp, Csf2 and Itgb1. Moreover, alizarin red staining and osteocalcin labelling promoted mineralised matrix production in cmyb-overexpressing cultures, whereas downregulation of cmyb by siRNA reduced mineralised matrix production. In conclusion, c-Myb plays a role in the osteogenesis of long bones by inducing osteogenic genes and causing the enhancement of mineral matrix production. This action of the transcription factor c-Myb might be of interest in the future for the establishment of novel approaches to tissue regeneration.
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