Geriatrická paliativní péče a komunikace o nemoci

Title in English Geriatric palliative care and communication on the illness

KABELKA Ladislav

Year of publication 2018
Type Monograph
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Medicine

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Description Geriatric palliative care is provided to elderly patients, mostly in the last months of their lives. Its procedures are directly related to the comprehensive intervention of geriatric fragility syndrome. The issue is increasingly urgent, especially in the context of the emerging long-standing society and the unpreparedness of the health and health and social boundaries in a multidisciplinarity and interdependence to address this change in goals and roles. The second, revised and supplemented edition of a very well-received book again seeks a clear and understandable form. The addition of specific stories of patients aims to help understand the topic also for laymen, state administration, colleagues in other fields or politicians. The revised edition seeks to further simplify the book's didactics in the interests of clarity, while at the same time elaborating the symptom chapters in more depth. The book is completely supplemented by a part of communication about the disease - detailed, and especially practical explanation of the fundamental topic of palliative care - psychology and horizontal spirituality in the context of incurable disease, family dynamics of emotions, skills needed to reflect and support it. It is based on 15 years of clinical and teaching experience of the author and is continuously supplemented by descriptions and analyzes of specific situations and stories. The book is intended for both doctors and other health professionals and non-medical staff.

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