Náš přístup k regionální chemoterapii jater

Title in English Our approach to regional liver chemotherapy

KYSELA Petr BOUDNÝ Jaroslav VÁLEK Vlastimil KISS Igor TOMÁŠEK Jiří

Year of publication 2003
Type Article in Proceedings
Conference Současné možnosti v diagnostice a léčbě primárních a sekundárních nádorů jater Plzeň 11.-12.6.2003 - Abstrakta
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Medicine

Keywords regional chemotherapy; liver; metastases; tumours
Description Regional chemotherapy promotes efficacy of chemotherapy. Proper placement of cathether within a.hepatica and full liver perfusion is essential. We prefere percutaneous implantation. The reason is more accurate placement of the cathether and management of anatomical anomalies of vascular system of liver, and more comfortable application for the patient. Moreover, it enables later decision on the engagement of the chemoembolistion which is unpossible in surgical cathether implantation. This paper persents the development of this technique and its results at Faculty Hospital Brno - Bohunice

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