Kolicin FY - nový bakteriocín rodu Yersinia.

Title in English Colicin FY - new bacteriocin of Yersinia genus.


Year of publication 2009
Type Conference abstract
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Medicine

Description In a cross-test experiment, we investigated the ability of 53 nonpathogenic strains of the genus Yersinia to produce antibacterial agents. Bacteriocin of Y. fredericksenii 27601 was further analyzed by methods of molecular biology. Bacteriocin and immunity protein encoding genes were identified on the plasmid pYF27601 using transposon mutagenesis approach. Plasmid pYF27601 showed high degree of homology to Col-plasmids and its sequencing revealed 7 ORFs (open reading frames) including gene encoding bacteriocin (1317 bp) and immunity protein gene (338 bp). The identified bacteriocin of Y. fredericksenii 27601 is a protein with specific antibacterial activity on bacteria belonging to the related strains of the genus Yersinia. Sequence analysis of the bacteriocin gene revealed homology to genes of alveicin A and alveicin B, colicins Ia and Ib, S-type pyocin and colicin E1. The above described bacteriocin of Y. fredericksenii is a new type of bacteriocin. We propose to denominate it as colicin FY.
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