Internal Grant Agency of the Faculty of Medicine MUNI awarded researches with Start-up grants

The internal grant agency announced the results of the Start-up Grants competition.
The following applicants have been successful in obtaining grants with a neuroscience theme.

18 Sep 2020

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PI: Markéta Bebárová

Project: Neuronal excitability as a key to the pathophysiology of neuropsychiatric diseases: sensing the activity of in vitro models of human nervous tissue using the multielectrode array technique

PI: Kamil Ďuriš

Project: A pilot study to investigate the role of cytokines from the interleukin 6 family and the possibility of suppressing inflammation by stimulation of the vagus nerve in an experimental model of subarachnoid hemorrhage and sepsis

PI: Marek Joukal

Project: Facial reanimation during facial nerve palsy: Double innervation of a motor unit in vivo

PI: Pavlína Danhofer

Project: Intestinal microbiome in children with autism spectrum disorders: comparison of patients with developmental regression and without developmental regression

PI: Dáša Bohačiaková

Project: The effect of cell aging on the development of Alzheimer's disease

PI: Milan Brázdil

Project: Quantification of the neurodegeneration associated proteins in drug-resistant temporal lobe epilepsy


Congratulation to all awarded teams!


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