The support of effective cooperation of biomedicine disciplines
Masaryk University and BUT Brno with the application sector participation 2009 - 2012

Education for Competitiveness Operational Programme
Priority Axis: Tertiary Education, Research and Development     Area of Support: Partnership and networks

Applicant and partners


Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Medicine Masaryk UniversityThe Department of Laboratory Methods of the Faculty of Medicine at the Masaryk University provides an accredited bachelor´s program for the profession of Medical technician since 2005. The full-time form of study was extended by the possibility of an individual study plan since 2006. A combined accredited program exists since 2008. Teachers apply a different approach to students of both forms. The fifth semester of the full-time form of study consists mostly of practical training in clinical laboratories. In addition to academic staff, teachers include specialists working in clinical laboratories. The schedule of individual courses consists of lectures, seminars, consultation and practical training in the university laboratory and routine clinical laboratories as well. Teachers work closely with students during the selection and processing of bachelor’s theses as supervisors and opponents.

Faculty of Science

Faculty of Science Masaryk UniversityThe Batchelor’s study programme Applied Biochemistry was accredited in 2002 at the Institute of Biochemistry, Faculty of Science MU. This professionally oriented programme was designed to produce graduates equipped by both theoretical knowledges as well as by practical skills in special biochemical disciplines, viz. in the field of applied biochemistry (Clinical biochemistry, Applied enzymology, Bioanalytical methods, Biotechnology etc.) Students are prepared for a routine work in biochemical and similar laboratories in healthcare, industry, reseach institutes, control and development workplaces of companies dealing with healthcare and pharmaceutical issues etc. Their professional background allows them to participate in management and marketing as well. The conference „Meeting of biochemists and molecular biologists“ is organized by the Institute every year; the sharing of experience between individual universities and institutes of the Academy of Science is its main objective. The presentations of students belong to the most important sections of the conference. Students learn there to clearly formulate and define problems in their professional creative activity.


Brno University of Technology

Brno University of TechnologyDepartment of biomedical engineering of Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication Brno university of Technology is historically first institute, which provide education of technically oriented undergraduates – engineers in interdisciplinary area of biomedical engineering. In present the department provides education in master study of Biomedical and Ecological Engineering and appropriate bachelor study within study program Electrical, Electronic, Communication and Control Technology; newly from year 2007 is introduced bachelor study in hybrid field Biomedical Technology and Bioinformatics, which is particularly provided by Faculty of Medicine Masaryk University. Cooperation between Department of Biomedical Engineering and Faculty of Medicine MU and also The University Hospital of Brno is permanent part of preparing and realization of the education of biomedical technicians and engineers. Proposed project would allow deepen cooperation in other way and can be considering about mutual support or switch some education units.

Brno University Hospital

Brno University HospitalThe Department of Clinical Biochemistry of University Hospital Brno is ranked among the largest establishments of this type in the Czech Republic. It provides a complete assortment of routine and special biochemical tests by using the most modern instrumental and analytical technologies with a high grade of automatization and robotization. It is staffed by a team of erudite employees in all work categories of analytical and clinical activities, research and education. It participates in long-term education of medical technicians. Since 2005, it also serves as a base for the practical education of students in the bachelor’s program at the Department of Laboratory Methods of the Faculty of Medicine at the Masaryk University. Employees of the Department of Clinical Biochemistry participate in theoretical and practical education in the subjects of Clinical biochemistry and Instrumental technology, including the preparation of textbooks, audiovisual products and e-learning forms of education. Practical education of the subject of Clinical biochemistry also takes place, with 2–3 Bachelor’s theses being produced every year. Since 2003, the Department of Clinical Biochemistry is a holder of a quality management system certificate in accordance with the ISO 9001:2000 standard and has been accredited by the Czech Accreditation Institute according to the ISO 15 189 : 2007 standard since 2008. The employees of the Department of Clinical Biochemistry are familiar with the level of knowledge, abilities and skills required for successful work in laboratory teams.

Roche Ltd, Diagnostics Division

Roche Ltd, Diagnostics DivisionRoche Ltd, Diagnostics Division belongs to the most important world-wide producers of diagnostics, instrumental and analytic techniques used in clinical labs. More than 250 labs in the Czech Republic use reagents, sets, calibration and control materials for diagnostic and analytic purposes. The detailed information about the company activities is on
The all scale of instrumental and analytic technique from simple equipment for self-monitoring and POCT (point of care testing) to highly sophisticated analysers and automatic and robot systems providing the full automation of clinic biochemical and molecular biologic labs, incl. the lab information systems are represented in company portfolio.
The systems for basic and applied research for the sphere molecular and cell biology are the integral part of company portfolio.
Roche Ltd, Diagnostics Division has a team of highly educated people working in the sphere of technical, information and service activities, in the sphere of instrumental and analytic technologies application and medical usage of lab medicine possibilities in the practise.
Roche Ltd, Diagnostics Division edits the magazine "Labor Aktuell" quarterly, with the news from the sphere of lab diagnostics and with specialized articles and comments by leading Czech and foreign experts in clinical biochemistry. The employees of Roche Ltd, Diagnostics Division are in daily close contact with applicant and his partners in the frame of technical and service support, solution to application tasks and support of research usage. Of current and especially new diagnostic tests. There is very good experience with organizing special events, seminars and workshops with the participation of company experts together with other partners in the project. Roche Ltd, Diagnostics Division offers material support at implementation of new diagnostic procedures for clinical labs and educational institutions.

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This project is co financed by European Social Fund and Czech Republic State Budget.