The construction of SIMU

This part of the project will include the construction of the FM MU Simulation Centre (SIMU), unique both in the Czech Republic and Central Europe, which will serve students of General Medicine and Dentistry.

A modern, low-energy building will simulate a real hospital environment, from an Emergency Department with a fully equipped mock-up ambulance car, through heliport, operating theatres, ICU, delivery room, examination room, dental surgery, to standard hospital rooms. With simulators (from simpler to the most sophisticated ones), students will have the opportunity to try out standard, complex, and very complicated tasks that they will have to master in their future clinical or private practice, but which they do not have the chance to learn under the current model of teaching.

The construction of SIMU, a part of Bohunice University Campus, started in July 2018 and will be completed in mid-2020.

When will the training in SIMU start?

The training in SIMU will begin immediately after the building has been built and equipped. The first students will arrive in the autumn semester of 2020. Until 2022, the lessons will take place under a pilot scheme with students taking part in the simulation lessons gradually. As of the autumn semester of 2022, SIMU will already serve its full capacity for teaching at the FM MU.