The first and second course on Anaesthesia and critical conditions in children

The first-ever courses focused on managing critical conditions in children in the operating rooms, emergency rooms as well as in pre-hospital care environment took place in the Simulation Centre of the Medical Faculty of Masaryk University on 11 and 12 May 2021. 

17 May 2021

Each course was attended by 8 AIM physicians from various workplaces across the Czech Republic. Each course was accompanied by 3 trained lecturers from the Medical Faculty of Masaryk University (1st course: Markéta Nowaková, Bořek Trávníček, Václav Vafek; 2nd course: Jozef Klučka, Roman Štoudek, Václav Vafek) with the support of an extensive team of technicians. We also managed to provide methodological guidance of lecturers performed by MUDr. Jana Djakow, Ph.D., instructor and director of ERC courses (ERC = European Resuscitation Council). Thus, we supported further skill growth of our lecturers who received feedback after each simulation in order to streamline their teaching methods within the debriefing.

Sitting was really minimal during the course. After two short introductory lectures, introduction and acquaintance with the environment and equipment of the teaching space, the participants discussed possible complications in children during anaesthesia and discussed their solutions during the morning block. In total, they were exposed to 6 possible emergencies that may commonly occur during anaesthesia. Each individual scenario was then discussed in more detail within the debriefing. In the afternoon, classes moved from operating rooms to emergency areas and outdoor areas. There were also 6 emergency scenarios in paediatrics waiting for the course participants, starting with a newborn and ending with an adolescent. Here, too, the debriefings addressed the specifics of coping with critically ill or injured children.

The demanding and time-consuming course was concluded by a meeting of lecturers and participants in the heliport area of ​​the Simulation Centre, where participants could share their feelings, evaluate the day and provide an invaluable feedback to the organizers and lecturers. In the end, the participants received a certificate from the very first (and second) simulation course of this type and content in the Czech Republic.

We believe that other courses focused on paediatrics will attract further participants and will bring not only joy, but also greater confidence in the management of critical conditions in children.


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