Consolidating the capacities of EATRIS-ERIC for Personalised Medicine (EATRIS-Plus)

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1/2021 - 12/2024
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Evropská unie
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The overarching aim of EATRIS-Plus is to support the long-term sustainability (LTS) of EATRIS by delivering innovative scientific tools to the research community, strengthening the infrastructure’s financial model and reinforcing EATRIS leadership in the European Research Area (ERA), particularly in the field of Personalised Medicine (PM) research and development. Specific objectives are: 1) To consolidate EATRIS capacities in the field of PM to better serve academia and industry and augment the number of EATRIS Innovation Hubs with large pharma; 2) To further strengthen the LTS of EATRIS financial model; 3) To drive patient empowerment through active involvement in the infrastructure’s operations; 4) To expand strategic partnerships with Research Infrastructures and other relevant stakeholders. The proposal relies on a scientific and technological programme combined with capacity-building activities across 16 EU countries, with the support of two umbrella organisations representing patient organisations and SMEs. EATRIS-Plus will help pooling and exploiting the translational academic capacities of the infrastructure in omic technologies to enable researchers to better address the scientific and societal challenge of PM. Additionally, the coordination office and 13 existing national nodes of the infrastructure will participate in implementing joint outreach, training, industry engagement and international collaboration activities to further build national capacity, increase users’ trust and strengthen EATRIS and the ERA global scientific leadership.

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