Mortality, incidence of cancer, and characteristics of human reproduction in the vicinity of Temelín Nuclear power Plant


KOTULÁN Jaroslav

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Konference Assessment of the environmental impact of Temelín nuclear power plant on the bases of the "Melk Agreement"
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Obor Hygiena
Klíčová slova nuclear power plant; health impact; mortality; cancer incidence; miscarriage; low weight newborns
Popis Objectives: To describe the levels and trends in basic health characteristics of the population in the vicinity of Temelin NPP before and after starting operation. Methods: Mortality (general, cardiovascular, cancer, mortality in productive age, years of potential life lost), incidence of 11 types of cancer, incidence of miscarriages and incidence of low weight newborns was evaluated in defined areas situated at different distances from Temelin NPP in the years 1991 to 2001. The levels and trends in particular health characteristics in the areas were compared and differences tested statistically. Results: Large and significant differences were found between particular areas, simulating positive or negative influences of the Nuclear Power Plant. Nevertheless, analysis of the results excluded the impact of the Nuclear Power Plant. The causes obviously lie in the social, economic, cultural and, demographic specifics of the areas. Conclusions: Follow-up is needed, contingent health impacts of the Nuclear Power Plant could be discovered only over a longer time span and by the painstaking discernment of other relevant factors.